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     Really? What makes a writer a writer? This is a question I ask myself all the time. Anyone can be a writer, right? You’ve got pen and paper to place words on them but it’s more than that.  A college student can put an essay together but they aren’t necessarily writers. I believe my past experiences have made me into a writer.  I come from a Hispanic family that came to the United States for the dream America is so famous for.  This makes me the first-born generation in the United States so my first language was Spanish.  English was my secondary language but was difficult to overcome because I had an untreated speech impediment.

     Growing up I had some problems with reading and writing. I could probably consider myself below average because I just didn’t have the attention I need. Anyways, reading was the biggest issue.  My mind did not absorb what I was reading. Even if my life depended on it, I couldn’t keep 30 minutes of reading in my head. I continued to struggle through my eighth grade year. I had noticed I was slightly improving but it wasn’t anything extraordinary. 

     It wasn’t until I encountered my first English teacher who would become a catalyst in my life. He became and still is an integral part of my awakening, if you would, as a writer. Mr. Chaney was an absolutely incredible person.  In times of trouble, he was there when I needed him. He taught me to write from heart.  Reading became more interesting with him around.  My library grew exponentially not only by the demand from school but from my budding curiosity of new worlds, characters, and adventure. When I read, I delved myself into a world not my own. I felt the characters struggle.  I rooted for the hero to fulfill his quest to not only save the dame but himself through his own character growth.

     I know I haven’t read as much as others but the books I’ve read have made me experienced a feeling I always welcome. The euphoria of being happy the characters found growth because you somehow feel some evolution within yourself.  This is what I want to reveal as I write my own book.  I want my readers to be stirred with emotions on what to do next.  I think this is what makes a writer, a writer.

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Comment by Terri King on September 4, 2012 at 7:51pm

When the words flow through you from hand to pen ...and you can think of nothing else but writing, then you are a writer. It is a passion that consumes all you do and no matter where you are you will write on anything you can get your hands are a writer.


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