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Please let everyone know what your biggest goals, dreams, or wishes are: here is mine.


I will be getting my GED on the 22nd of January. Then I am joining the Army National Guard and will be leaving for basic training. Once i get that done, I am going to start college at a little community college nearby and get my basics done. After I finish that I will be transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where I will be majoring in Biology and will study pre-dental. After that, I will transfer to Marquette University for dental school and receive my DDS. Once i complete that, I will go back to Marquette and get a certificate in orthodontics. Then I will start my own practice as an orthodontist. Also, currently though, I am an author, musician, actor, comedian, and songwriter. I also own my own record company. I sing Country, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B music. I plan on releasing 100 books, 25 stand-up comedy DVD's, 25 movies, 100 Country albums, 50 Rock albums, 50 Hip-Hop albums, and 50 R&B albums. I also want to be a very successful businessman and own businesses all across the world eventually. I also want 20 children, 3 blood related and 17 adopted. I want to make sure they all grow up and have very successful futures. I want to be very known and respected worldwide. I plan on retiring from everything by the age of 65 as a multi-billionaire. After that, I'll be running for the Mayor of Houston, Texas and will finish out my term there. Then I will be running for the position of Governor in Texas. After my term/terms as Governor, I will run for President of the United States and I WILL BECOME our President one day. After my term as president, I will be COMPLETELY done with everything and hopefully still in god health and good shape. I know that those of you reading this may think that all of this sounds crazy, maybe even impossible, but trust me, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that this will all happen. I am working on a wonderful plan that will get me there and though I may not know all of the details yet as to how everything will work, I know I am capable of figuring it out. Remember, where there's a will, there's a way. I will also be doing plenty of charity work and helping make the world a lot better place all along my way to reaching my dreams. I know that I will be one of/or possibly the biggest legend to ever live. Thanks for reading this and I'd love to hear your comments about what I have written, along with all of your dreams, goals, or wishes. Thank you all, Phillip Christoffersen

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