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What does a Christian believe?

A present day, as also of the past, Christian has been made to believe the myth that Jesus was born to a virgin mother, sired not by his earthly father, Joseph, but by the Holy Spirit. Or simply put, he was the Son of God. And, that he was The One and The Only “Begotten” Son of God.

"That the SONS of GOD saw the daughters of men that were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose.” — [Genesis 6.2]

So, is the Bible wrong? If Jesus were the only one, why does their holy book, mention these numerous “sons” of God? Can the Christians choose to ignore any facts, not to their liking, of their own holy book?

Then again, while recounting the lineage from God, it’s said, in John 3.38 that:

“… which was the son of Adam, which WAS THE SON OF GOD.”

The Christians have made-up Jesus their fancied god; an abomination in the eyes of their ancestral one, who, explicitly forbids them thus:

“..thou shall have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME.” [Exodus 20.3]

And, what does Jesus himself say, citing his and every other Christian’s ancestral scripture; in which it is clearly stated that:

“..YE ARE GODS..” [John 10.34]

Ironically, whereas his unsophisticated followers, today and of before, unlettered in The YOGA OF JESUS, consider him to be God Almighty Himself; their own scripture itself and the Master himself state otherwise. In fact, as is clear from above, Jesus considered you-me, everybody God.

Again, Christians believe in a material “heavenly” world, a physicality called “Kingdom of God” to be somewhere “up there” somewhere; wherein, Jesus would be sitting at the right hand of God. But pray, what does The Master himself say?

“The KINGDOM OF GOD cometh not with observation..” [Luke 17.20]

In fact, Jesus puts it plainly and simply, elucidating thus:

“Neither shall they say, lo here! or lo there! for, behold The KINGDOM OF GOD is WITHIN YOU.” [Luke 17.21]

The Master chided his simple followers of two thousand years ago, as much as he would do so today his present day ones; exclaiming:

Ye worship ye not what: we know what we worship.” [John 4.22]

Clearly, the hopscotch of simplistic beliefs of Christians is not the metaphysics of their own Master. So, what is?

Quite simply, the Master was so advanced a yogi that his sincere but simple disciples were just bewildered by his Science of Spirituality:

“..the people were astonished at his doctrine..” [Matthew 7.28]

Now, if Jesus preached what previous teachers and prophets of his own people did, then, nobody would have been puzzled. Or, taken offence. Not enough to nail him to the cross, at least.

The reason the priests and the people, who were his very own, for whatever reason, maleficent or benevolent, could not understand Jesus; because the ‘HARD’ parables of the Master — containing the gist and genius of his strange-tongued and alien metaphysical philosophy — was not of his area, age, era or ism. However, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the esoteric truths of the free mystics of the far, far east; namely, India.

What does free mysticism of yogis say?

Simply, that whatsoever be ‘here’, ‘there’ or anywhere is One. This the mystics experience as “Aham Sarvum! Sarvum Aham!” — “I AM ALL. ALL is ME.”

How did The Master, Jesus, experience “That” Which Is?


  1. “I am in the father, and the father in me.” [John 14.10]
  2. “I am in my father, and ye in me, and I in you.” [John 14.20]
  3. “I and my Father are One.” [John 10.30]

Thus, guru-disciple-god are not only unto each other but are one. Sans distinction. Hence, Separation of the Creator (Macrocosm) and the Creation (Microcosm) is but ‘MAYA’ — Illusion. Therefore, it may be proclaimed that as per The Master: ALL IS ONE.

Today’s science postulates the same.

The fore bearer of today’s Quantum Physics, ERWIN SCHRODINGER, the Nobel Laureate Physicist, confirmed what Free Mystics, Sufi, Yogis and The Master, JESUS preach — by affirming scientifically:

“The plurality that we perceive is only an appearance; it is not real.”

This One, Indivisible, Immanent Oneness of ‘this’ and ‘that’ world, is The Ultimate Reality of All That Is.

It is The Metaphysics of Jesus. Is it that of Christians?


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