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There is one thing which you have

There is one thing which God has given you

There is one thing which is under you guardianship

This thing when broken cannot be repaired

This thing when destroy will make you sad forever

There is one thing which you have in which lies in your respect

There is one thing which can make you proud forever

There is one thing which you have which if any body touches then he has touched you in the preson you are

This thing is the joy of your soul the joy od your heart

It is the womanhood that you are , nothing but your virginity

It is the secret of your joy the source of your happiness

It makes for eternal youthfulness of your heart

Take it away and you become rotten and aged over night

With it you can stand in any social gathering to declare the person that you are

Purity is the beauty of a woman; without it she is nothing to be reckoned with diginity, the value of a woman lies in her virginity

It is the exquisite beauty of any woman

Virginity or purity is the womanly honour

I love it more than gold or silver

It make you a queen in the midst of other that have broken theirs

your virginity make you natural and untapped

It make you an apple before the eyes of the Lord

no matter however many your sins may be with your virginity around you it make gigantic strides towards confessing them

There are many enemies to your virginity

The greatest of them all is the sexual urge in you

Next to this is the boy that you love or that loves you

Remember the joy of any parent is that their daughter married while a virgin

Virginity is not man made but a gift from God

It is given once in life time

once destry,it is lost forever

How precious is a virgin girl before her God. her guardian angel stands direct holding his head high while pleading for her cause before the Lord; for the soul of a girl of a transparent purity magnifies the Lord. thank you.I wish you all the best of luck because it is not easy remain stead fast in the Lord and enjoy reading.

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Comment by Zach McClure on May 4, 2013 at 2:25am

A person who saves their virginity for that one and only someone whom God has married them in essence proclaiming to God and the rest of humanity: I am valuable because God has created me and therefore only one other human out of seven billion others, can have me for ever. Anything less dis-respects us. This is a VERY good and true write!  Keep on affirming this in the midst of a lost and confused culture and may God bless you.

Comment by Imade Francis on May 4, 2013 at 2:17pm

God bless you too McClure


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