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With Facebook growing up to a major social media marketing tool, SEO is no more limited just to websites. To get more brand popularity by drawing in more and more followers to your Facebook page, you can make use of some smart optimization ideas and bring targeted traffic to your Indie author website.

Proper naming

When naming the Facebook profile of your business, make sure to use only the actual company or Author name. While you can also add in some keywords here and there in your Facebook page, but while naming, avoid stuffing in keywords. This is not a good rule for Facebook SEO as it may bring you into the others’ bad books as spam and may, get you into trouble with the Facebook usage policy. 

Vanity URL

To give your Facebook profile a boost, you can opt for a vanity URL, provided by Facebook. This allows your followers to remember the location of your profile page. It gives better branding via your Facebook profile. However, the only thing you need to be careful about is to pick a URL that appropriately fits your brand and people can remember easily.

Link Building

You can also optimize your Facebook page using link building. One of the fastest ways to boost your SEO with the help of Facebook is to get enough links to your Facebook page, as they work as recommendations. This is done by attracting more number of followers to your page which ultimately makes your website more popular. This is because, with every new fan joining your page, a link of that person’s profile is added to your page and this way you go on collecting more links. This will give your site more authority and it will have a better rank in search engine listings. It will become easier for you to be spotted by Google, which on seeing that your Facebook page is linked from several other sources, will assume that your page must be quite important. But then again, make sure you link with trusted, authentic sources. This gives your Facebook page the impression of a heavily weighted, popular profile.

Importance of custom tabs

Start building customs tabs in your page and also, appropriately name them. Furthermore, use title text with underlines and boldface. You can then request your friends to add links to the custom tabs. You can join in too by linking your tabs from authentic external sites. However, if you have been using third party applications for building tabs, ensure that they are configured to be indexed on Facebook instead of third party servers.

Adding videos

Adding video multimedia with optimization is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting into more minds. The video titles are heavy weight and thus, when you enrich the videos embedded on your Facebook page with good titles, it enhances your page’s SEO.

If you would like assistance in setting up a FB page and optimizing your profile please write to me at [info .at. searchengineconsultant <dot> com]


Author Bio: Ray is an seo consultant working with Based out of Florida, the website provides book cover design & eBook marketing services for Indie publishers.


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This would be better placed in the Social Media Group here, Expert. You'll get more visibility there.

As you're new you won't know that the admin frowns upon too many self-serving links in posts. I would keep it to two maximum to prevent it being removed entirely. 


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