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Do you see the world through troubled eyes? I do see the world with troubled eyes...I can never go back to the innocents I once had. It’s better now as I have learned that the soul I have within me can’t be  lied to so easily as it once could.  I’ve once took things as face value. That love was love and trust was trust. I can’t tell you the day and time that all that became blurred. I guess when you start asking yourself it really doesn’t matter anyway. I often wonder if I would even go back to that time. It scares me to think how often I would have been used and lied to. My eyes are opened and I still have people get by me with their deceit. When a daughter sits on her father’s lap my eyes see something else. My skin crawls. But for you, you see a loving bond. So I have to walk away. Sometimes my eyes are my worst enemy. For a long time my eyes were as cold as my heart. I had no compassion, no empathy and could care less. Why should others live with peace when I was living in torment? That’s why those were my walking dead feelings and didn’t want them .sometimes I would get a glimpse of hope from a man but he would hurt me the just the same. Then my heart would get harder but I would go back. Just to feel least I knew I could feel.

I want with all my soul to tell those who are numb its not living. You will go through some withdrawal but stay strong. Jesus will show you the real truth but if your heart is harden Jesus can’t have room to breathe life into you and show you a new why to see the world. You will get balanced out and use this as a gift.

. Some people—not all—have found in the greatest evil—the time of greatest sorrow—the greatest need for God and the greatest evidence of God.~~Shannon


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