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It is no secret that I like Horror stories. I like dark, creepy things like
those under your bed. As I have said repeatedly, Halloween is my favorite
holiday. I'd say I still get dressed up, but I don't look much different than
the rest of the year.

With that being said, I knew I wanted to
participate in Trestle
Press' Harbinger of Horror
month-long celebration. I wanted to do it in a
big way.

I started off with Severed,
the new zombie story co-written by Darren
. My finale will be the latest installment of Reprisal.
It is Chapter 4: She'll Get Your Engine Started. But I am sneaking something in
between, a little treat at the bottom of your bag. You know the kind of treat I
mean, you don't remember which house it came from, but it's there and it looks

I like to examine people and create
characters that are real, but also sometimes real strange. The couple in this
story is exactly that. They are misfits. They are loners. They are vampires and
they get together.

The inspiration for this titilating tale came from a
very popular series of books-turned-movies. I haven't read them, but it is my
understanding that the female lead becomes pregnant from her vampire lover.

My natural question was "How does an undead vampire get his equipment
functioning with no blood flowing through his veins?" My anwer can be found on
these pages. This one gets a little steamy, a little funny and maybe a little
gory. So, find some privacy and enjoy.

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