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I roll them up

when I'm ready to fight

I wipe my nose on them when it has run from crying

Sometimes I use them

even to wipe away the tears

I raise them when I'm hot

Bring them down to my finger tips

when I am cold

These sleeves are useful

covering my scares from

acne, sunburn and the bruises

from abuse 

These sleeves are mine,

my protection, my armour

and my barriers.

Hilary Wreidt Thompson

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Comment by Susan Okie Bush on January 10, 2013 at 1:29am

I love this.  Especially because of the specific details.  It does make me want to know more about what you've been through.  I hope you're still feeling as positive as you did at the concert.  Love, Susan  P.S., I hope you'll call me.  I'm not too good at this Internet stuff and don't know for sure if I know how to receive any messages on this Authors thing. It's a miracle I've apparently gotten this far.   Much better to phone. 


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