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Hi! My name is Linda. I have recently been published by Publish America and I am finding it difficult to market my book.Even though they published my book for free they are a print on demand company. I have already bought many copies of my book but since they don't give discounts to book stores I am at a loss as to what I should do.Yes many of my friends have bought my book but I am now running out of family and friends. Anyone have any suggestions. Writing is a hobby for me and right now I am out of work so I need to keep my costs at a minimum. Maybe I should just be happy that I got published after all of the rejection letters I received from publishing firms. My book is simple but sends a true message of hope for anyone who has experienced the horrors of cancer or for anyone who knows someone going through what it takes to survive. I have given many copies of my book to people and even to my oncologists. But I must admit that I am happy to still be alive. My life is good despite the after effects of brain radiation. In fact I can't believe I was able to write this book. My concentration level was highly affected. So I hope to hear from anyone who might have some insight as how to market my book. Maybe my next blog will be more about me and my life after brain cancer.

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Comment by Trudy Coiley on April 6, 2010 at 7:34pm
Linda: I commented on your writing and lost it through a computer glitch. I will get back with you soon. Good to meet you and God bless you.


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