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Hey all!
I have something a little different this time.
Free Clinic will be in print by Christmas, and Crossed Wires is in the final stages of the writing process, i.e., still working on it.
But here's the rub: getting it out there.
With the advent of the e-book and other self publishing venues, the major houses are getting a little skittish.
Submit your work professionally. Get an agent of not ill repute and contract them. Be careful.
Intellectual property is still solid.

Don't worry about being ripped off, so long as you keep your work on hard copy, dated and timed.

What you shoot through the ethernet is fair game if you don't have a date/time stamp on your work.

Stay positive about your work. If it is good, it will find a place to be.

Seek assistance if you are concerned.

I have a ten step approach. But this is not the place.
Those of you who know me, I will tell.

As always,
My Best

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