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The story of a memory that  turns into

life love sex and pain all describe by feelings telling myself that we were different but so much alike when we was in middle school breaking all the rules to be together, we was bullshiting playing games being bad ass kids.Never to much for us to show the city that we had a young love . Trying  to make fast money the fast way. Young living off love sex and money in a small city with nice things and namebrand clothes. No one never liked me because I was shining brighter then the sun it self.Really they was the camera taking my pictures because they was always in my ass trying to get what I had. Looking up at the sky praying that Deshawn will always be mines. But it was broken before day time saving time. Lights shining across the sky when every thing flow all over the place, spit knock from my mouth. A man screaming for help because a car hit me and knock me in to a coma. Pedimactic's rushing police cars storming down the street to the scence I laid in memory of him. Shame of my looks cause I was never the same girl. Years after a blessing  I was trying to find ways to make him happy. But what ever I did onlying because shame to him. Not realizing that I could not make him be with me. Because everything wasn't us anymore. His love was mines his pain I felt he was a best friend to me but everything was broken. His memory was so fade his pains was so low but a memory was always there. But I hate to walk away from a memory that I planet inside of me. I wanted him but as I write I only see flash backs from a broken dream.No one will never understand my feelings. Belief of correcting a mistake that I live by. Everything between us happens for a reasson but I held faith that everything will be ok. You was like sweet love to my flash and I was a record to your ears. But bleeding because apart of me was taken away. Deshawn was like a gift to me but shame to his eye's. Living in a dream playing a song from our hearts. Wanting a dream for passion making it last by music. Wondering why things are the way they are rolling the boat across land so we can shine together wondering what's on his mind. Kneeling to his heart pleading in faith saying to myself true love always finds away back. The last memory was when he held my body under the water kissing my back why I was griping his neck saying in slight voices promise me you'll never leave. And about 6:pm he was telling me he could not be with me. So now he is a song to my heart.

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