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        Electronic Books, the entertaining way to save our beautiful trees, which are one of nature's most amazing gifts. Electronic books and their amazing digital readers are stampeding around the world like billions of Texas cattle, and it's just the beginning. Compared to the new growth of a mighty oak tree, proudly spurting out of the ground; however, this oak tree is technologically energized, and it'll be a thousand feet tall within another year. Paper books will almost become obsolete, but don't think of this as being a bad thing.  We do have countless historian book collectors.

         No more frantically flipping through paper pages because you lost your place. No more damaging your novel by dog-earing the corner of the pages because you lost your bookmark. No more searching where to store your paper novel after your third or fourth colossal bookcase is packed solid with numerous sizes of books.

         This e-book phenomenon is not a fad like pet rocks, flip up headlights, and flower children. It's drastically altering every big business aspect of dealing with books. For those businesses who do not commit to this rapid technological change, billions of dollars will hastily change hands over the next few years. It's going to influence big business almost like converting every automobile engine over to hydrogen based cold-fusion systems that utilizes seawater for fuel.

         Being a sci-fi writer, I foresee e-Book coffee shops, e-book libraries, automated e-book vending machines where you plug in your digital reader to purchase wonderful novels stored within, and e-book school books, thus no more lugging those heavy books from class to class!   

         I'd love to observe the expression on Herbert's face if he could witness a young mind reading one of his famous science fiction novels on a digital reader, such as 'The Time Machine' or 'The War of the Worlds'.     

         People around the world are jumping on the e-book bandwagon faster than you can say 'e'. Modern day technology at its best, offering every human a much easier way to read, which is far better than mindlessly sitting googly-eyed in front of the boob-tube. Reading is like super exhilarating your brain with knowledge and emotions, via history, education, mystery, drama, science fiction, horror, love, and much, much more. Offering an infinite supply of electronic reading that you can take almost anywhere. Why it was just the other day when I witnessed a man lightly jogging while reading his digital reader.         The one thing I've always disliked is to pick up a paper book novel to find out the print is a little smaller, thus being out of focus for my older eyes, but low and behold, my amazing digital reader can enlarge the text. And for those whose eyes have unfortunately become useless for reading, their marvelous digital readers can read their favorite novels out loud, as if their a child listening to a wondrous bedtime story being read to them by their mother or father.

         Every day, the wonders of new technology affects our lives for good, and sometimes for bad. I know for a fact that e-Books are here to stay for a long time, offering our children and future generations a magnificent gift of knowledge and emotions.


Article by Chuck Keyes



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Comment by Linda Page Wickens on July 31, 2011 at 9:13pm
I guess the new generations won't know what it's like to hold a book and flip pages, putting dog-ears or any piece of paper as a book mark, so we have to as authors go with the flow. In respect to you Mr. Keyes, I've read all your books and you have made me a Sci-Fi reader now. I really enjoy your books ---your poems are outstanding!

A true fan, Linda Page Wickens


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