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I have published my second book as a kindle e-book on

Is a comprehensive examination of the pyramid form as applied to architecture in today's world of building, showing the form is superior to the traditional box shape, post and beam construction we have accepted as a tradition. It addresses greater safety (withstanding 250mph winds and 8.0 magnitude earthquakes) and a 300% higher efficiency of energy costs.

Lower construction costs, a green certification unequaled to any other and the ideas of focusing powers of energy that owners report about effecting their health, mental awareness, intelligence, sleep, dreams and meditation.

It covers the facts that have been proven in scientific testing that pyramids improve, water quality, plant growth, mental attitudes, food storage times, purity and strength of materials, drugs, foods and liquids within them.

A Centuries old design that developed in various civilizations around the world, that was lost and forgotten to our modern world, is now experiencing a revival in architecture around the World.

Not since Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome design of the 1950's has there been such an improvement as an option for enclosing a space with  the idea of "less is more" and calling it a home. A true Gestalt Happening. There is no better alternative.

With soaring energy costs, building costs, and threats of severe weather conditions and natural disasters becoming an excepted norm there is an alternative now available to us that provides greater safety for our families, an increased wealth by reducing our energy consumption and improving the condition of our environment. By using 1/8 of the wood required for a stick framed home, we can help save one of our most valuable natural resources...trees and reduce the damage to our atmosphere. One of the Universe' strongest and most occurring forms...the pyramid, provides us with a solution to many problems


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