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Pit. Pat . Patter. Potch.The raindrops caressed the cheeks of the five year old and clung onto her like an old friend. She too smiled in glee, after all God did care about her. She looked with pity at her neighbours, who kept on changing everyday, who lived ,if it can indeed be called living, a troublesome beggar's life. They were not as lucky as her- they had a few possessions. She was not bound,- sleeping at different doorsteps in different neighbourhoods every time the abyssmal nocturne engulfed her.Sometimes she stared at those large houses, even though she didn't know what a house was,and it's grim windows which were as misty as her parent's identity.

It was nearly midday as she started sauntering again. Lurch. Her stomach growled- as she hurried towards the trashcan, to see whether she'd be lucky enough to get generous leftovers.Jumping onto the can with expectant joy, she came down with a crash , but with empty hands and even more empty eyes which were dried of tears that once rolled down those supple cheeks. 

Sauntering was her hobby,.. her play ..and her sole activity.Walking pained her legs....... and the pain relieved her misery. But this morning the chilly wind of spring didn't bite a h*** into her tattered shreds of a dress. This morning... she felt elated.As if a raindrop was floating above  gathered moss. She had seen a beautiful stuffed toy, ...and yes...... was she glad! She knew she could'nt do anything but stare......., and stare she did at the feelingless creature which, and only it, offered her a smile, ... a smile and not a snigger.

Walking in the streets was far from romantic. She had to walk in constant fear of being run over by vehicles. And then she saw it!......something peeping from beneath the puddle on the road- a white paper. Childish wants aren't the prerogative of the rich only, and she too loved making paperboats. But....this paper was different!! It had pictures! She had her very own picture , not handdrawn ,..but...printed!!!!How costly it must be!

She put the picture in a slit of her dress which she fancied as a pocket and started to walk again, preventing gloom from setting in. Then she found the corner where, much to her dissent, she sat everyday to beg. Indeed it was a lucky day!... A generous man had left a coin, though it was banned by the exchequer now,- that apparently hadn't stopped him from being generous..! And yes.... there....., under the tree, lay hidden a surreptitiously kept doll- prettiest among all dolls- one which gave the child ethereal bliss! If only it could kiss her back! It was very pretty- with one eye, it's stomach squeezed and legs impaired. It was her only friend,her best friend, and like all best friends it silently and sorrowfully watched the child play.She started to play with it, giving it the care that she'd die to get , and it did keep her wicked mind busy- which  had forgotten hunger, for it was satiated with love. Suddenly , she heard a sob..... and looking down she saw another urchin , less than an year old, crying .....-the sound made her hunger come back..., and she wanted to prevent it. Suddenly. as if magic, she saw her hand extending and offering her priceless doll to the clumsy babe. Noooooo........she didn't want to give it.....but the doll did find its way to a new lover, and she didn't turn back,like all coquettes!!

A teardrop surfaced on her eye's extremity- .......a tear of joy...... of being charitable, if charity it was to love with your life, and if glad you became by loving the uncared. And the blessed child spread her wings and started to dance like a bee. Then suddenly it started to rain again. And the Godsent raindrops caressed her, Pit.Pat.Patter.Potch.

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