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This note is in response to a friend's question- my vision of future india. 

First i'd like to give my very own defintion of India or Bharat , as it was known by the sages of the lore- India is not a narrow strip of land separated from the rest of the world , but it is in every sense , the summation of every nation or individual or society ever known or imagined by man.Even in today's India you find the riches of the west, the humility of the east, poverty, culture,corruption, enthusiasm, knowledge, arts, science and every field imaginable- much like an ocean where different rivers converge and spill in their waters- that is infact india's beauty and also her misery- summed up in one word- Multiculturalism.It is for us to decide whether india will devolop because of ,or, inspite of , multicultaralism. Rather it can be implied that India's growth will determine tommorow's world- it's not a jingoistic statement!!accepting other cultures is the only way to devolop in this cyberconnected world- here diplomatic contacts are not envoybased, it's a people to people contact- the writing is on the wall - accept other cultures or fade out!

                    So India's future , or the world's future, depends on the maturity of her people- rather , her society. Now , what is the society made up of???? CASTE??!!! Surely we r not stupid enough to be caste riddled! Its a thing of the past! But is it????

 READ WITH AN UNBIASED MIND! The caste system of India was not INVENTED but OBSERVED by our elders, you do not find the creation of castes , but u find their observations. Today after 3000 years the caste system is running the way it should- by work NOT by birth. So can you question their existence? Dont u find teachers, bureaucrats, traders and workers- who as a rule marry within their community?

    But the question remains how do the different proffessions or CASTES, work together?  Should they interwine like the great Proletariat dream ??? My opinion is to do just the opposite.  But first lets see the fluid coloumn model.

     Imagine a cylindrical tube - its full of water- u can see it as a single water coloumn , but also as many vertical layers of different horizontal cross sections like bricks arranged atop one another in a single coloumn! Wonderful innit?

    Such has to be the modern indian social structure- it may look unified but the divisions of labour and responsiblity are certainly there if not explicitly seen. 

    I mean to say PARALLEL indias need to exist- for eg.- 1 doctor's india, 1 teachers's india, 1 bureaucratic india and so on and so forth. But wont it create tumultous currents in the water column? wont  there be turbulence in the flow of the liquid coloumn?

   It will be so. But it will  be overcome if the rate of growth of the different strata of the society is same. Mark my words- the rate of growth has to be same- not the exact growth- can a small scale industry like cottage industry earn billions? NO.  So if the growth rate is the same, and it increases steadily with necessary fiscal stimulus or govt.aid you get increased income, increased market , increased taxpaying capacity and increased earning of the govt due to increased expenditure. The govt has more funds, the press has more power to give to the people and u have a bright future.The solution lies not in dreaming sleepily but dreaming with open eyes- grounded in reality.

 Signing off with a warning- this future will hold true only if India remains India- with its foot grounded in character and values such as honesty et al.One cannot be dishonest with one's dreams!

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