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That's right, Set Free: An Amish Journey has come to an end. Allan's story comes to its conclusion with Trestle Press's latest release - Volume 9 - Humbled.

As a bonus, Trestle has decided to include the short epilogue of Volume 10 with Volume 9 for free. What do you think about that? I think it's great!

In Humbled, Allan must face the consequences of his actions. What will come of his late evening conversation with the schoolteacher? The story culminates a year to the day after Allan’s arrival in Karsten Field. Another stranger appears out of the falling snow and the events of that night leave Allan humbled.

Volume 10 is an epilogue, of sorts. This short piece tells what became of Allan and the fateful events of that December night. “His last chance was their only hope.” Allan Howarth came to escape a life of mental and emotional imprisonment. A plain life in Karsten Field set him free, but he also changed their Amish lives for the better. A story of birth, death and renewal shows Allan how bright God’s future can be.

With the end of the series, I would like to give thanks. Thank You, God for giving me this gift and the spare time to share it. Thank you, Trestle Press for believing in the value of my story and publishing it. Thank you, readers for sticking with me on this journey. Without you, I would not be doing this and always appreciate your support.

Please, download Volume 9 today, including the BONUS Volume 10 -

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