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The following below is another piece, but it is from the second book, which will be Chronicles of the character and will be the missions and stories that lead up to who he is now:

            It was another one of those days for Taylor – going into work and doing the routine thing at Guardian Sektor Labs Inc. (G-SEK Link) – being the founder and CEO, ensuring the proper research and development was being done.  They have had a pretty good year so far.  They were getting the funds that they had needed, knocked around a few terrorists, and Taylor even had his own off-time fun. 

            “What’s the good word mates?” he said as he walked into the lab.

            “Oh s*** – boss dude is in, look alive” Jarret Peters (aka, Jester) muttered under his breath to everyone around him.  Then he turned around and smiled “Boss dude, how’s it hanging?”

            “A little to the right” Taylor replied like his old perverted sailor self.

            “We found a new idea for a diamond, Guardian” Travis Gulf (aka Joker), who was behind Jester stated.  “We found that at a molecular level, we can intensify an optical application, and increasingly magnify the power.  We’re thinking of trying to use it as a new type of weapon.”
            “Actually, boss, it was Travis and I!” Heath Gulf (aka, Hogger) had said defensively.  “Damn it brother, why the f*** do you insist on taking all of the credit!?”

            “Because you only ASSISTED me!” Joker argued back.

            Taylor shook his head.  “Guys, guys, guys!  Listen, I don’t give a bloody rat’s ass on who did what.  Joker, Hogger, you two have been doing some f***** up s*** for as long as I remember!  Not to mention, I STILL remember when you potato-gunned my ASS!  That s*** was bruised for days on end!”

            He continued “I am very interested in what you have for an idea.  Create a prototype, and give me the details in a board next week, if you two can manage without hurting each others’ p******.”

            They both turned to Taylor and said simultaneously “Fuck you boss!”

            “See, both one in the same, ready to give up on women!  Tsk-tsk!” he laughed as he turned away and turned his attention to his buddy Scott Chevy (aka, Radio Shack), who was working on a new idea for telepathy communications, and working on a new advanced satellite communications device that hooked simply around the ear. 

            He looked up at Taylor coming toward him.  “I am almost done boss” he said before Taylor could get a word in. 

            “Chill, mate! I was just coming over to see how things have been going for you!” Taylor responded coolly.  “What is with everyone today, acting as though I am the f****** president of the United States!”

            “Well, you are in a sense, being you’re the one with the vision you have here.” Radio Shack replied as-a-matter-of-factly.

            “It’s definitely nothing like that!  Today, I wanted to see who had what for new developments, so when it comes time, we can present them to the Pentagon, and maybe get ahead of our competition.  I’d like to be able to insert bonuses into everyone’s pockets on this establishment.”

            It was true though – everyone was important to Taylor.  They all worked so hard to make the business what it was.  Therefore he’d like to reward them for the hard work and dedications.  He was just that way!

He made his way to armory to see what David Wheelson (aka – Boombox) was up to.  Boombox was his main weapon smith.  Though Joker and Hogger did a lot of the weapons’ development, Boombox was the one who did the inventory and orders for the standard weapons – handguns, shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, ordinance, etc. 

            “Hey mate, what have you been up to?” Taylor said as he made his way into the armory. 

            Boombox, who was cleaning an M-60, looked up through his wired frames at him like an owl.  He then broke into his “Mexican-looking” s*** eating grin and said “Hey boss!  What’s the word?”

            “Well, the word of the day is legs, but being you’re not female, or have tits on your back, I cannot say – spread the word!”

            Both men began to chuckle.  Boombox was going over with Taylor a new modification with his M-203, a grenade launcher attachment that’s standard with the M-16.  He had not only modified it for the M-60, but he made a new warhead.  It was one that had a small neutron capability.  The neutron was almost nuclear, but wouldn’t last as long as a nuclear warhead.  As he was going over this, the klaxon had sounded.  It was something he hadn’t heard in a long time – not since the tune he had once used for his beeper.  His blood ran cold and he turned pale.

            “What is it boss?” Boombox had asked nervously – sensing the intensity stirring inside Taylor.

            “That klaxon…it can’t be –“he continued.  “There’s no bloody way!  That number and tune is very old!  There’s only a couple of people that knew it and… OH S***!”  Taylor bolted from where he was sitting and dashed to the front of the lab where his lovely assistant Jeanette McFarlane operated from. 

            “Jeanette, what’s the scoop!?” Taylor demanded. 

            “I don’t know boss, it’s a sense of urgency, I am gathering from the message.  I am trying to get the contact information and find out where it is coming from.” She replied in her usual soothing and calm voice. 

            “I am going to head into the armory!”  He responded hastily.

            Looking over to some of his men assembling in formation before him – some covered in oil, some in carbon dust, and some which he couldn’t figure out, he said “Joker, I need you as my weapons on the Foxtrot.  You have three minutes to suit up and meet me on the field!” 

            Turning to Jeanette, he said “Jeanette, I need you to hurry up on that data I requested yesterday!  Send word to the aircrew to ready the Foxtrot with close air support with minor air superiority capabilities – two Sidewinders in addition to my two Tows, and my 8 Mavericks!” 

            “Yes boss” she said meekly – she knew that he meant business. 

            Taylor ran to the armory with Boombox and chose a .45 hand gun with 3 loaded clips, and an XM-29 experimental multi-purpose rifle.  He grabbed a full metal jacket of .50 shells, .7.62mm shells, and some 7.62 armour piercing rounds.  He Lockewelled and loaded the guns, and put the remaining clips aside for the moment while he changed into black BDUs (Battle Dress Unit) and slipped on a new spider-weave armoured vest.  He then took the remaining clips and put them into his pockets onto an ammo sash which he strapped on.  He grabbed his pilot’s helmet with the name “Guardian” on it, and took off running back to the main lab of the building. 

            When he arrived, Jeanette called him over.  Radio Shack was deciphering the code.  “What’s the scoop?” Taylor asked. 

            “You’re not going to believe it, but this is official, this isn’t a drill.  Thought you had this number to the alarm system disconnected??” she asked puzzlingly.

            “I thought so too!” Taylor replied.

            “Well, evidently you didn’t and someone has the access to it, and summoned you.  However, the emergency frequency’s official babe, you have an actual crisis to take care of!” 

            It was moments later that the message came in.  It was from a friend of his from a long time ago.  She was an acquaintance of an ex-ex fiancée of his a long time ago – Susan.  The woman’s name was Kacey.  Susan and Kacey were very good friends for some time, but something was amiss between the two.  Furthermore, Susan broke Taylor’s heart a long time ago – which is something most women could not remotely do. 

            Jeanette broke Taylor’s concentration and shouted “GUARDIAN!”

            Taylor immediately snapped out of it and went into his “military mode” – snapping to attention, eyes fixed just above Jeanette’s 5’6” height.  He then relaxed enough to meet her gaze.  She gave a startled look at first, and then realized – it was in his nature.

            “Yes Jeanette?” he asked in a purring voice that had a hint of warning and sternness in it.

            “I said that it’s in Atlanta turns out that a Corey Parlet is involved - kidnapping in sorts.  He’s demanding 5 million in 20’s and 50’s, all non-sequential denominations.  He said if he doesn’t get them in 6 hours, he’s going to make sure he gets the point across” she replied with a hint of concern in her voice. 

            Taylor’s face contorted slightly, and Jeanette could see the absolute hatred come pouring out of his eyes.  The hatred was so strong that, if it were kinetic, everything around him would have been incinerated to absolute nothingness at that moment.  He didn’t know it, but she still really deep inside had feelings for him too.  However, through thick and thin, knew she couldn’t win his heart in such a way.  Their friendship was a very deep and platonic one.  She also knew that Taylor would do nothing to hurt her, and in fact, if that hatred were kinetic, she’d not been there, but in a safer place. 

            “Are you okay Taylor?” she asked gently.

            He looked at her very harshly, but softened enough so that she could see it wasn’t directed to her by any means.  “Yes, I am fine, and will be fine when I get some!”

            He managed a small smile to her.  Then he continued “Jeanette, I need you to do me a favour.”

            “Sure, what is it?” she asked softly.

            “I need you to get a hold of Angel of Death for me.  I am going to need her tracking and sniper skills.  Give her the transponder coordinates from that signal, and have her track this mother f***** down.  Give her every detail possible.  Tell her I wouldn’t mind if this fucker’s face splatters on me.  Also, I need you to get a hold of Chief, and let him know I will need the Vector on a flatbed with the counterfeit money that has the tracking strips on them, in a case on the passenger seat.  Jester, Joker, and I will be going to drop me off to the Vector.  Grasshopper will drop me off while the truck is in motion.  The vehicle is to be outfitted with stinger missiles in the launcher, side doors will be outfitted with the usual .50’s, and I will probably need the headlight stingers as well.  Oh, and double up on the NOS.” 

            After having said that, Jeanette nodded in acknowledgement.  She then said “Okay, acknowledge that, I am to inform Chief to prepare for World War III, and prepare to encourage a felony of counterfeit spending.  Furthermore, encourage street racing.  Will do sir!”

            She and Taylor smiled.  He knew he hired her for a reason!  She was witty in her own ways, but knew how to keep Taylor grounded sometimes. 

            Taylor turned to Jessica Knix (aka – Jade, his combat medic and emergency response) and said to her “Listen, you’re going too, so you need to suit up.  I don’t know what condition Kacey will be in, and will need you there in case of worst case scenario – casualty in any way!”

            “Yes sir!” Jade acknowledged and ran to the medical ward to suit up and grab her trauma pack – the one for heavy casualties, because she knew that Taylor meant collateral damage.  If anything, there was going to be a hell of a clean-up. 

            Angel of Death, (angel for short) and Chief were two other personnel on Taylor’s staff.  Angel (actual name – Alli McMahon), and Chief (actual name – Adam Manchester) were two individuals that Taylor could confide in with on-the-minute situations, such as this.  Angel was a former Army soldier and specialized in the infantry as a sniper.  Little is known throughout the Army, but she had been called in for many marks throughout the Persian Gulf region.  Chief, on the other hand was one of Taylor’s biggest and best engineers.  He was the one to go to for upgrading weaponry on vehicles, and also would be the one to call in when Joker and Hogger needed a little help mechanically.  Of course there was Greg Hodges (aka – Terminator) as well, who worked with Chief.  However, Terminator at that time was taking some time off, and wouldn’t be needed, and Chief was down in South Carolina at some engineer’s convention for MENSA to get some ideas on how to make the vehicles more energy efficient.  However, he always had been told to keep the Vector wherever he went, just in case.  Chief was also capable of fighting, and hence, knew the Vector W-8 inside and out, so he could easily use it.  Besides that, Chief was also good with financial investments and counterfeiting currencies for operations such as this. 

            When Jade showed up all dressed out, Taylor got the word from the air crew that the AH-28 Foxtrot was ready for take-off.  Jeanette informed Taylor of this, and as well, informed him that the Vector, too, was en route to ITS destination.  Upon acknowledgement, Taylor said to Jester, Joker, Grasshopper, and Jade “Alright gang, let’s MOUNT UP!”

            Grasshopper (actual name – Mike Bergstrom), who was a former Information Specialist for the Navy that had a private pilot’s license, hopped into the cockpit of the Foxtrot.   Taylor hopped into the cabin with Jade and Jester, while Joker, who also specialized in weapons and navigations on aircraft, manned the copilot’s seat.  After the aircrew took away the chocks and chains from the craft, they were immediately air bound. 

            Meanwhile, Radio Shack and Jeanette monitored the communications between the helo, Chief, Angel, and the captor.  They needed to keep Taylor up to date on the escalating situation.  Angel informed everyone (except the captor of course!) of Corey’s whereabouts.  He was at the moment in downtown Savannah, GA, in a park with a blue-eyed brunette.  However, something didn’t sit with Angel, based on the description of the mark. 

            “Angel to Guardian” she said via the COM link. 

            “Guardian here, go ahead Angel” Taylor responded.

            “I know you’re en route to where you’re supposed to be and everything, and there’s a guy that fits the description of what you’re looking for, but, not entirely.  Something isn’t right with this.” 

            “Keep me informed as the situation changes, Angel.  Guardian, out.”

            On highway I-95, just north of the Georgia border, the flatbed with the Vector was found moments later.  At that time, the helo was at a cruising speed of 212 mph.  Upon acknowledgement of the visual of the Vector, Taylor said to Grasshopper “Alright mate, listen, this is what you’re going to do…  Take her down to about 50 feet; maintain speed with the vehicle, until we’re ready to descend.  Then, I want you to take the speed and increase it by 3 mph, to enable us to get just in front of it by the time of completion of descending.  After that, regain altitude and hover until you’re instructed otherwise!” 

            “Gotcha, bro!” Grasshopper acknowledged, then added “Good hunting and Godspeed!”

            Taylor gave him a small nod in acknowledgement, then turned to Jade and said “You ready, chicky!?”

            Jade, who was a very tough Southern New Jersey woman, gave out a whoop and holler and said “Fucking A, ROCK AND ROLL!  You bet your ASS I AM!  Let’s go GET SOME!” 

            The helo came in very smoothly, and descended without much turbulence.  Once the helo was over the Vector, it started to increase speed, as Taylor instructed.  Guardian and Jade started to descend down the ropes they threw out, which were whipping in the slight turbulence caused by the rotors of the helo. 

            By the time they were on the platform of the trailer on the 18-wheeler, the helo started to make its ascent back up to an altitude of 500 feet and follow the truck to the border of SC and GA, which would be in 5 miles.  In the meantime, Guardian and Jade made their way around the side of the car – Guardian punching in the code to unlock the car at the door.  When the doors were unLockewelled, Guardian motioned Jade to move further back, just slightly behind the door, as it opened wing-style.  He hopped in and moved the case of counterfeit money, and then Jade stepped in.  They closed the doors and Guardian punched in a code and turned the key in the ignition to start her up. 

            “Alright everyone, this is Guardian.  Jade and I are both in the Vector now.  We are now designated as Broadsword.  Again, we’re now designated as Broadsword.  Grasshopper, you guys will be designated as Falcon, and GSek, you’re now designated as Variable.  All acknowledge!”  Guardian commanded.

            “Falcon acknowledges” Grasshopper responded coolly.

            “Variable acknowledges” Jeanette responded.

            “Angel, you will now be designated as Viper, acknowledge?” Guardian came across the COMS.

            “Viper acknowledges” Angel answered in her thick southern drawl.

            Just as Guardian was about to pop the clutch and back the Vector down the now just-hovering-above-pavement ramp, Angel came across the COMS. 

“Broadsword, Viper - we have a big problem.” Angel urgently hissed on the mic.

“Broadsword, Variable – Viper is right.  That’s not the mark!  He evidently KNEW you’d send someone to monitor him.  He’s at the airport – Savannah’s, and he has quite the crowd on the tarmac, near a de-energized radar tower!”  Radio Shack came across.

Guardian just realized they had passed the exit for the airport when they said that and shouted “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” 

He popped the clutch and backed off the truck, and spun a complete 180, threw the shifter into first gear and gunning the gas to regain momentum in the opposite direction – Newton’s 1st Law of Motion, and went through opposing traffic for a brief moment on the highway, then cut across the grassy median to get to the lane that exited off the main highway to the airport. 

Jade was holding on for her dear life.  She knew that Guardian was a crazy bastard on the highway, but didn’t know he was such an inconsiderate prick!  Several times, she thought she saw her life pass before her, but when all was said and done, he got them from Point A to Point B without any incident or consequence.  They eventually arrived onto the tarmac where Corey held Kacey Donavan hostage.  There were police, a few military personnel, and new crews around – about 1000 ft away.  It was said that the surrounding area was booby-trapped with a very powerful bomb, on a fuel truck which Angel managed to somehow sneak herself across the tarmac and targeted Corey’s head.  Furthermore, there was yet another issue.  Susan was with Corey, holding Kacey hostage! 

Guardian could see that through his special imaging unit attached to the inside of his visor.  When he and Jade got to the gates, they were stopped by the Georgia State Police.  He stepped out, took off his helmet, and flashed his badge and said “I now assume control here.  You are to only assist me.  If you have a problem with that, you will have to take it up with the Commander in Chief himself.”

The state police were about to let them through when an FBI agent approached.  “Let me see that badge, son.”

Guardian smiled slyly and held it out to him.  The FBI agent walked away with it and two others approached him, weapons drawn on him, so he couldn’t draw his.  The head FBI agent made a phone call on his cell phone, and the smile disappeared on his face, which brought Guardian all the joy in the world.  That’ll fix the little f*****! he thought to himself satisfyingly. 

The FBI agent walked back up to Guardian, waving off the two guns that were trained upon him.  The agent then said in a more civil tone “I am sorry for the misunderstanding sir.  I am agent Johnson.  I am to assist you with what ever you need.”

“Agent Johnson, you know I could have your credentials stripped from you before you could even blink, right?” Guardian said as he flashed him a real cold glare. 

Agent Johnson swallowed for a moment.  “Y-yes sir, I know that now, and again, I apologize.”

“You want to do something, do your f****** job you f****** cockbreath!  You just cost me some very precious time, which I have very little left of!  Now, I need to get the f*** out there!  All of you, get the F*** OUT OF MY WAY!” Guardian roared with the ferocity of a thousand dragons. 

Everyone looked at him for a moment – did he just temporarily glow!?  Guardian felt a little drained from that yell, for he realized too that something wasn’t right – he just felt a big surge of energy like he had never experienced before!  He shook it off, not thinking much of it for the moment.  He had to save Kacey! 

“Jade, in the car, now!” Guardian had snarled.

“Y-yes G-guardian!” Jade stammered.  She looked over at him cautiously, as she had seen this “glow” as well. 

Guardian  peeled back and dropped the Vector into first gear and immediately tore off through the barely opened gate onto the tarmac, immediately reaching 60mph within just under 6 seconds.  He was about 250 yards out from where Corey and Susan and Kacey all were when he took his foot off the gas and coasted.  When he was about 100 yards out, he threw on his brakes and screeched a good distance (considering he was already going about 130 mph at that time).  He ended up about 30 yards out from the building.  He revved the engine once, and then turned off the ignition, leaving the key in it. 

He turned to Jade and said “Listen, you are to step out the same time as I do, and hold up your medical pack so they see that you are the medic, and I will do the rest.  Hand me the case.”

“How do you know those psychos won’t shoot me?” she asked with uncertainty.

“I don’t know.  All I know is you’re here for a good reason, cos I am willing to bet that they will hurt me more so in shooting Kacey, and in cast they do that, I want you to be there to stabilize her, see?” 

“I got it” Jade said after taking a deep breath in light of everything that was coming down. 

“Let’s do it!” he said with his misery showing, threw on his Ray Ban’s and slowly hopped out of the vehicle – arms up and holding the case.  Jade did the same – hopped out slowly with her arms up – holding the medic pack.  They could see the cocky smile that both captors were giving.  Then upon seeing Kacey’s sad expression softened Guardian up inside, but he knew that he couldn’t show that emotion, so he angrily put it away and maintained control of his emotions. 

“Well, well, well, I knew you couldn’t come alone could you!?” Corey had said in a sneer, Susan snickering in the background. 

“She’s just a medic, you horse’s ass!  After all, I cannot fully trust you, you know that!  After all, you only once stole something from me very near and dear, which I am still failing to see how someone as f****** ugly, stupid, and a little short of something could do!”  The words dripped from Guardian’s mouth like that of very poisonous venom from a black asp – one of the deadliest snakes in the world. 

He continued “However, I did, regardless, honour an end of the bargain that many would not, and that’s to pay the ransom for Kacey’s life.”

He casually looked beyond the tower and at the gas tanker off in the distance and could see Angel off in the distance with her sniper rifle trained upon both Corey and Susan.  He knew that she could cap them both, but he couldn’t give her the signs to do so.  Corey had a hand gun up to Kacey’s back, and Susan held what appeared to be the Uzi version of a 9mm. 

Very calmly, Guardian said “Listen, I am going to slowly disarm and drop my weapons.  Then, I am going to approach the building, and toss up the case.  You can verify the money – as requested.  It’s all 20’s and 50’s, non-sequential.  Then, you can do what you need to, after releasing Kacey.  Deal?”

“Oh, so you’re now calling the shots, are you!?”  Corey said once again with a hint of sarcasm.

“No, not at all, mate.  I am trying to make this as easy as humanly possible.”  Guardian replied, maintaining a cool, calm, collective air about him. 

“Well, this is what you’re going to do.  You’re going to disarm yourself, and you’re going to bring the case to the base of the building.  Then, you’re going to stand there until Susan goes down to pick it up, and verify what’s there.  When she comes up and tells me all is good, a helicopter that was supposed to be ordered is going to come.  Susan and I are going to get onto it, all the while keeping our guns trained on you and Kacey.  When we’re sure that we’re safe, you’re both free to go.  Deal?”

Corey maintained a smile all the while saying that.  Guardian could feel his face flush and fluster from the heat within his face; the anger welting up inside of him.  He just wanted to take his gun and unload every round of hot lead into the both of them.  However, his eyes were transfixed onto her beautiful face and eyes.

Those eyes were so pleading right now, and it was seriously tearing him up inside.  He could feel her fear and her pain within.  He could also feel the uncertainty if whether or not he could free her harmlessly.  The coolness was slowly starting to give way to a more heated and hot-headed Guardian.  Yet, somehow there was strength within that was keeping him grounded. 

“Alright, I will do that then.  I will honour that much!” Guardian responded after much debate.  I could see through his shades that Angel moved under the truck now.  She must’ve known that there was a personal helicopter that would be coming in, but then Guardian remembered, he left a channel open on a super-amplified microphone (aka – SAM), so even GSek Link personnel knew what the situation was. 

Very slowly, the guns were being removed and disarmed.  Each and every time they were emptied, he ensured that the chambers were disarmed too.  Every time an empty gun was dropped, Corey’s smile got bigger – with that hint of sarcasm of course. 

Finally, Guardian picked the case back up and slowly walked toward the radio tower shack that Corey, Susan, and Kacey all stood on top of.  Upon arriving about 20 feet from it, Corey called out “Okay, that’s far enough!”

Turning to Susan and looking into her green eyes and blonde hair wisped in the wind, he said to her “Go, get our money!  We will be rich, like I said!”

Susan smiled and giggled slightly.  She walked up to Corey and slipped him the tongue really quick.  It sickened Guardian deep inside.  He could still feel a slight sting, but it was now more or less for the fact that these two were truly sick individuals.  Unfortunately even worse – they both had found a way to get to the man behind the coolness of Guardian – Taylor Lockewelle. 

Susan climbed down the rung-ladder that was attached to the building, gun still trained on him.  She walked up to him, strutting as though she were in a bar trying to put on the tramp moves for him.  Her hips were swaying left to right, one leg in front of the other.  Guardian could only laugh inside.  What a f****** slut!  He thought to himself with bitter amusement. 

She came face to face with him as though she were going to kiss him.  He pursed his lips very tight as he stared through his dark lenses into her green eyes – wishing with all of his might that perhaps a meteor could come out of nowhere and break into 2 small fragments and rip through their heads so it could save time, ammo, and of course, one life more so than anything.  Unfortunately, those prayers were not answered.  He had a better chance of waking up impregnated by his dream woman and beside her vice a meteor coming in and splitting into two to hit them simultaneously.  For better measure, he had a better chance of hitting a jackpot twice in a row on one of those big lotto drawings.  

She took the money from his hands and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.  He didn’t make a movement.  However, in the back of his mind he thought – I am going to have to probably have myself tested for every single STD under the sun after this!

Susan climbed back up the latter and squatted down in her catholic schoolgirl get-up to count the money.  About 15 minutes later, when she was satisfied, she informed Corey that all was well with the money, and it was legit.  (At that moment, Taylor thought to his self What a dumb b**** – she actually fell for the money!).  Corey once again smiled his sneering smile and said to Guardian “I really am impressed – you came through.  You really are a good guy, aren’t you!?”

“I was always as good as my word, and have done so all this time, mate!  Unlike the wanker like you that have to steal fiancées, kidnap innocent people, and then steal from others because you cannot muster enough COCK and BALLS to be a real man, can you, cockface!?” Guardian responded still maintaining a calm face, but began smiling.  Of course, it’s said that when he smiled, that’s when one needed to worry. 

“You know what, F*** YOU!!!  I have always been able to hold my own!  I am just enjoying doing it at your expense!”  Corey replied coldly. 

“Okay, so you have the money now, and I am unarmed”, and” hearing a helicopter coming in from a slight distance, Guardian continued. “I hear your ride come in.  How about you let Kacey come on down now, and let her get checked out by my medic?”

Guardian indicated Jade off in the distance with a sweep of his right arm to her.  “Then I will remain here unarmed until you guys are merrily off on your way to what ever east ja-bumble f*** you so choose!”

The helicopter that was coming in the distance was in fact for Corey and Susan.  It was a white one with some red stripes.  It was also being escorted by two news helicopters inward bound.  There were guns pointed out of it at both, Guardian and Jade.  Of course, this didn’t bother Guardian one bit.  It’s like he’s told many people – he’s one unbreakable mother f*****!

He just wanted Kacey in the car safe and sound, and then go from there!  After all, he gave the money to Corey and Susan – and did it without thinking.  It goes to show that yes, though Guardian has taken lives, he equally valued life too.  Of course, Kacey was a different entity of her own – in this case, a “fallen angel needing her paladin”. 

“Now, why would we do that!?   We both know that you could easily load your weapons and pick us off or pick off the helicopter!?  You could have your medic pick up a weapon too, if that’s your medic at all!  Finally, we cannot trust each other!” Corey sneered. 

“Corey, you’ve known me for a long time, mate!  You also know that I am very honourable in my word!  You have the money, as it is, you have the free passage!  Jade is NOT permitted by any means to handle a weapon – Geneva Convention applies to us too, you know!” Guardian replied with a hint of desperation in his voice.  He continued “Look how you stole Susan from me!  Well, she chose too, I suppose, but still – as much as I wanted to drill your face and strangle her neck, I couldn’t permit myself to do it!  I dealt with it within, and continued on with my life!  Now you had to go and f*** up a wet dream pull this s***!”

“Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…” Corey clucked as he held up a pointer and waved it back and forth.  “I am so hurt that you’d remotely think I’d steal Susan from you!  It was a mutual thing between us, yes!  However, she exploited to me furthermore you had a weakness –“indicating Kacey.  “Your weakness is this fake brunette of a stuck up b****!  You knew it would kill her in the past to have met up with her, and yet, here you are many years later close with her and more!  Well, what an opportunity to make a little cash on the side, and to really test your manhood!” 

“My manhood is very well intact!  I could have jumped out of bed and came out my front door fully naked, ripping your head off and shitting down your throat.  Finally, I’d could come in and write a sonnet over a Jaeger-bomb, and think nothing of what I had just done out there.  You were always insecure since your wife left you – afraid of your shadow!”  Again, venom from the very deadly and poisonous asp dripping from Guardian’s words as he had spoken them very well annunciated and pronounced. 

He could see Corey’s face contort in pain over this.  Behind him, Susan’s face even went with a very surprised and sour look.  It was almost as if the words hurt Corey so bad it affected Susan.  It truly was a moment of victory for Guardian, until the next thing that happened. 

Corey grabbed Kacey by the back of her head and shook hard and tugged really tight, now shouting.  “Alright, you f*****!  You now really crossed the line!  You know what I think?  I think you feel love for this woman.  You know what Love really is?  It’s sacrifice!” 

“NO COREY, DON’T DO IT!!” Guardian shouted as loud as he could but it was too late. 

There was a sound of gunfire, and suddenly a h*** appeared in Kacey’s right side.  She screamed a heart-breaking cry and scream.  The blood spattered and some rained down onto Guardian’s face.  Corey then took the body that was falling with writhing pain and pushed it over the edge of the building.  Taylor ran to catch Kacey, allowing himself to take as much as the force as possible before he had to collapse with her force landing on him from twenty feet above.

After that, Guardian screamed to Jade “Get the f*** over here NOW!!!!!  Angel, do you have a f****** sight on either one of them to take that f****** shot!?” 

“Negative, I don’t Guardian – at least, not with that gunship coming in!” Angel softly said across the telecoms with sadness in her voice.

“Falcon, Broadsword, where the f*** are you!?  I am in need of close air support and air superiority.  I repeat, where the f*** are you!?” Guardian demanded. 

“Broadsword, Falcon, we’re inbound now.  I repeat, inbound now!” Grasshopper’s voice came across still withholding coolness to it. 

Immediately, as the helicopter for Corey and Susan came in, it began to fire suppressing Jade where she was – trying to stabilize Kacey, but couldn’t suppress Guardian, who now managed to pick up a weapon and lock and load it. 

He ran to the Vector with gunfire “biting” at his heels.  He had other ideas.  Corey and Susan managed to get into the helicopter, and it began to take off to the air.  It was ascending quicker than Guardian had anticipated.

He was about done in the Vector punching in codes to arm the stingers that were in the front of the car, after starting it and her V-8 roaring to life.  He quickly dropped the car into reverse, spinning the wheels and burning rubber, then dropped the car back into first and gunned it down the tarmac chasing the helicopter.  The guns were firing at him, but the car was bulletproof, and it was futile to try to hit the wheels, as well protected they were.  The hood slowly revolved and revealed the new and improved stinger missiles that were codenamed “Fangs”.  The Fangs were an upgrade of the stingers that had an improved range, accuracy, and speed.  Also, these were equipped with a much higher explosive-concentrated tip.  They could even be armed with thermo-nuclear warheads. 

Guardian came to a screeching halt when he was in view, and launched four of the eight that were on his launcher.  He fired two warning shots at the news cameras and detonated them just far enough to shake them.  Grasshopper still didn’t arrive either to fend off the news crews.  The Fangs struck their target, and virtually vapourized the helicopter Corey and Susan were in.  The flaming mass of wreckage fell to the ground with slow motion. 

Guardian spun the sleek black sports care back around and tore back down the tarmac to where Angel and Jade were both tending to Kacey, who seemed to be in critical condition, and Chief on guard with his rifle.  When he hopped out, Guardian ran toward the three women and Chief.  He could feel his heart sink.  Kacey was still alive, but it appeared to be barely.  He’d have gladly taken that bullet so she didn’t! 

He came up to them and knelt between Jade and Angel.  “What’s the scoop Jade?  Is she going to make it?” he asked nervously.

“She’s stable for the moment boss, but I don’t know how long – perhaps a couple of hours at most.  There doesn’t appear to be any vital organs hit other than the h*** the bullet ripped as it went through her.  She has lost a lot of blood.”  Jade responded as she was finishing up the remaining initial first aid that she could.

Angel looked up, tears in her eyes slightly and said “I am so sorry I-I didn’t have a clear shot where I could take them both out right away.  T-then the helo came in, and I really didn’t -”

“I know pet, I know.” Guardian responded bitterly.  “We’ll deal with that later.  I really need to get Kacey to the hospital, and on the double.”

Guardian radioed for Grasshopper again “Falcon, Broadsword, where in the bloody F*** are you!?”

“Broadsword, Falcon, we’re still a good 15 minutes out.” Grasshopper responded.

Guardian looked over to Jade and Angel, and bit his lower lip.  “I cannot wait for them – I need to get her there immediately.  We’re going to need to all go at once!”

They carried her across to the Vector.  Jade hopped in the back behind the passenger’s seat.  Angel and Guardian put Kacey in the passenger seat, and then Angel ran around, breaking down her rifle in half as she ran around the front of the car, and entered behind the driver’s seat.  Finally, Guardian hopped in. 

“Chief, radio for Grasshopper to pick you up and take you to where ever”, Guardian said somberly.

“Roger that boss”, Chief replied.

Taylor punched into the HUD (Heads Up Display – like a fighter jet, the information gets displayed upon the windshield.  This was a special edition Vector W8 Supercar designed by Robert Weigert, founder of Vector), directions to the nearest trauma centre for the hospital.  When the directions were up and on display, he peeled off, and informed GSek Link and Grasshopper what his intentions were.  He also informed the GA State and local police he needed a good section of I-95 cleared. 

They tore off the tarmac and headed immediately for the highway.  The Vector got up to 150 mph (max speed before injections of Nitrous is 212 mph).  They had a good few miles to go, but still too many to the right trauma centre. 

It was only a few minutes on the highway when Kacey next to him was coming to and becoming more and more aware of her surroundings.  Suddenly realizing she was shot and the pain wore off, she thrashed a little bit and screamed a wailing scream, and shouted out Guardian’s name “TAYLLLLLLOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRR!!!”

Horrified, Taylor turned to see Kacey in a lot of pain.  It was getting to him.  He suddenly cried out “Kacey babey, NO!” 

He immediately placed his hand on her side, putting pressure.  Jade was already administering pain meds to her.  He then said to everyone “Brace yourselves!”

*Hiss!* *Hiss!* *VVVVVRRRRROOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!*  The Vector immediately went from 150 mph to 212+ mph, and put them within 2 miles of reaching the exit to the right hospital.  Taylor immediately took the speed down just enough to be able to exit the lane.  Before long they reached the emergency room’s entrance, and the three of them escorted Kacey into the room.  Taylor used his authority to get Kacey admitted into the OR (Operating Room) immediately. 

It was about 7 hours later, after Jade and Angel left to head back to G-Sek Link that the lead surgeon came out of the operating room to the waiting room.  He looked really tired, and Taylor pursed his lips – remembering to expect nothing, and no disappointment would come.  However, he knew better than that.  He couldn’t with Kacey. 

“It took a while to do.” The lead surgeon started.  “However, she’s going to be fine.  She just needs to take it easy for a while.”

Taylor breathed out a sigh of relief.  He couldn’t believe all that he had to go through, and more.  At least the adversaries were dead, the money wasn’t a loss as it was fake.  Finally, Kacey was still alive and would be fine.

He entered the room where she lay.  She turned to look at him, and smiled very weakly.  He could see the tears well up in her eyes.  She could barely speak, but managed to say “Thank you!”

He immediately ran up to her and looked down at her for a second, breaths becoming shallow, and emotion overcoming him.  He could feel his body shake with anticipation and life.  He shakily reached out to place his hand on her head.  She started to sob and Taylor reached out to put his arms around her, and place his head upon her chest.  There, he remained with her the rest of the night, falling asleep upon her.

Yes, he has a whole new job to deal with now.  That’s of course to protect Kacey from whatever possible threats.  However, in the meantime, while he had her in his arms, and nothing was going on, it was perfect harmony.  There was no place else he wanted to be!

He woke up from his slumber once again, to look down upon Kacey.  She looked so much like a sleeping angel!  He gave her a small squeeze, and took into his lungs a deep breath, including from her.  She made a small moaning noise.  It was almost cute to him.  However, he realized how much pain she was in, and wished he could have taken it all upon himself.  “Kacey, never again will I ever let this happen to you.  I know that we could never be an item, nor would I want it that way.  However, you’re very precious to me.  I swear it upon my very soul; I will always be there for you.” 

He once again closed his eyes.  However, not like most people would.  His training from being a Navy SEAL taught him to be well aware of his surroundings with his eyes open.  He drifted off to sleep (and aware of his surroundings), arms tight around Kacey.  Only until he was truly sure she was safe, could he sleep with his eyes closed, and mind at ease. 

Off in the distance somewhere remote, in a desert state and in a cave:

A man with blonde hair blue eyes stepped out of a control room cursing and throwing items around.  “I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT F***** KILLED SUSAN!!!!  Don’t worry Guardian, I know who you were, and who you are now, and remember, my life will be devoted to making yours a living HELL for that!”


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