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As I prep and get ready mentally for my book launch in November. I am humbled at all of the support I have received from colleagues, friends, family and general consumers. When you decide to launch a book that tells your true life twists and turns, you have to be ready and receptive for the feed back, good or bad. My book focus is about my personal story of overcoming broken homes, abusive bosses, injurious relationships and financial hardship to build my own successful staffing business and then later becoming a sought after life coach.

My book is a blueprint for woman who are transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship. It is a self help book, where I talk about a lot of my personal triumphs, to include overcoming my horrifying domestic violence experience. I give real world situations and follow up with information for you to jump start your business. I provide resources and tools to overcome obstacles and getting past roadblocks.

In spite of numerous challenges, I lists in great detail resources and tools woman can utilize to become a successful entrepreneur.

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