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karatekidcirclesThis week, I present more of my taekwondo students' thoughts on Attitude. Some are too young to write, so they have assistance from mom and dad to help them discuss the topic and to put words to paper.



- You have trouble seeing good things

- You don't have fun

- Nobody wants to be around you

- You will have bad things happened because you will not be able to see any good things


- You see how good life is

- You have fun

- You have lots of friends

- Good things will happen because you can always see how things could be worse

My name is Reece. I am four years old. My family has talked about attitudes and how they can affect how you see life. Negative attitudes will only bring bad things like no friends, and getting trouble. Positive attitudes will bring friends and lots of fun, because having a positive attitude is being happy and looking at things in a positive way, like being happy and funny. I also love to help others by doing things for them. I help my dad a lot, we build out house and I hammer and use the screwdriver. I put my toys away when I am having a positive attitude, too. But when I am having a negative attitude I don't help or put my toys away. I am learning that my negative attitude gets me in trouble and makes me sad. When I have a positive attitude, I am happy. So I will try to have a positive attitude and have a happy life.


Attitude is the way you think and feel about someone or something. My attitude affects my behavior. If I have a positive attitude, then my behavior looks like I'm nice, caring, responsible, respectful. When I have a bad attitude, it looks like angry, disrespectful, mean.


The reason to have a good attitude is because you won't get in trouble. A good attitude helps get things done and achieve your goals. People like to work with people with a good attitude. Everyone has control over their attitude.


Attitude is how you are feeling. When you are feeling good you have a good attitude. Having a good attitude means the people around you will see you are happy and be happy, too. I have more fun and learn more when I have a good attitude.

Bad attitudes make you feel bad and yucky. When you have a bad attitude, people see it and do not want to talk to you or play with you very much. If you have a bad attitude, you do not listen and learn as much so you teachers can get upset.

I like to bring a good attitude to class so I can learn and have fun. I like the beginning and end of karate when we bow in and out. It helps me have a good attitude for the class. I like the other kids to have goo attitudes too because it makes it easy to learn.

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