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I have been blessed with so many readers of Set Free: An Amish Journey. I had the chance to try something different and I hope you'll like it.

Mark Miller ( is a talented writer who I've come to know through my new journey as an author. He has a monthly series called Mark Miller's One. It is a catchy idea about how we are all connected on one planet. The stories are about faith and spirituality, but not solely Christianity. That idea fascinates me and I could not say no when he invited me to be a part of it. (

I took the opportunity to share some parts of my life. I hope you can see that reflected in my Amish Journey stories.

Another wonderful element is that starting with my story, I am going to donate 100% of my proceeds from the One series to a charity. Mr. Miller showed me this link to a group down in Florida called Give Kids the World. That is who he is donating to, so it sounded like a grand plan to me.

Please give it a looksee -

My story is called Snake in the Water and it is Story Six in the series. You can get it from Amazon for a penny less than a dollar. ( Thanks for reading!

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