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I am compeletly about Horror and Halloween. Trestle Press is celebrating with
the Harbinger of Horror promotion.

But did you know Trestle does not only
do the scary stuff? They are packed with authors of every genre. There are
highly talented writers waiting to share their work with you.

Let's put a
few under the microscope, shall we?

William Tooker offers Slouching
Towards Bethlehem, a wild series about ancient aliens buried beneath a small
California town. Get part one here: Bad
and part two here: Black

Jochem Vandersteen, hailing from the Netherlands,
delivers a series about Mike Dalmas. Using his former Special Forces skill set,
he does the jobs that normal law enforcement can't handle. Get the debut story
here: Find

Leona Bodie offers Cocooned
in Darkness
, a prequel to her full length novel, about a man on the run
from his own past.

Benjamin Sobieck is responsible for Maynard Soloman, a
cranky semi-retired private investigator. The stories a full of gritty satire.
Sobieck has also participated in the highly popular Author's Lab collaboration
series with Who
Whacked the Blogger?

You will be seeing more of these and other
Trestle authors coming soon.

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