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'sleeping with wolfs'

by Fel


your sleeping with wolfs my dear,

soon they'll rip your throat

in tiny little pieces.

Crushing your bones, scartering them 

like jigsaw puzzle.


Sooner or later your heart will 

be of no use.

for you told, you told them your secrets,

and everything about your life.

poison words they'll reveal to you,

telling you corruption  and negativity 

that should help sink your soul.


you believe everything they say

but turn deaf ears and blind eyes to me.

All i do was only love you.

then stab me in the back,

then you join their pack.




Now your left with cold past of furrs,


all you do is annoy me with  your


cry and hurts.


I warn you about those blood sucking 




That just want to know about your human



to turn it up and down, left and  right.




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