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Selling house By Laurell K. Hamilton Smoothie Review

I was going to write this in the morning, but then realized I might forget that I even read it by then. So it might be better to write this as soon as possible. This is another short story by Laurel K. Hamilton called Selling Houses and it can be found in the Strange Candy short story collection.
So what is it about? Well first off, it is set in the Anita Blake world. Only it isn’t focusing on Anita Blake. It is focusing on a character with a much simpler job that consists of selling houses. It is focusing on a real estate agent named Abbie as she must sell a house that had a demon possession and massacre take place in it. She finds that it is still haunted so the ghost must be removed. And since vampires just became legal, she must sell it to a vampire family.
So the good? Detail is always good. And it’s a look into part of the Anita Blake world we never see. But beyond that, there isn’t much.
So the bad? It’s just not interesting. Abbie isn’t interesting or likable. We aimlessly followed her for a reason that I am still still trying to figure out. After reading this short piece, I’m asking ‘what is the point?’ This has to be one of the dullest pieces I’ve seen by Hamilton. But at least I can give her credit for trying something new.
So overall, one word can sum this up. Boring. I am only giving it ½ smoothie because the story serves no purpose. It’s worth skipping.

½ Smoothies out of Four

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