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Hello fellow writers, I am writing a near futuristic novel in the genre of "Atlas Shrugged", Title: Secession- Rebirth of a Republic and am looking for a co-author to work with me to finish. We would be co-owners of the copyright and share revenues and expenses 50/50. I will consider other approaches. I have written and self-published two other books, the second of which is doing pretty well for an indie. ($4000+ in royalties since July 2013). I believe this one has tremend...ous potential due to the theme and huge potential readership. So why don't I finish it myself and keep 100% of the proceeds? Simple- I will be 76 in June and this may be my last hurrah. I've got about 15,000 words so far and maybe 90% still to go. If you believe as I do that our country is in deep trouble and God forbid, headed for worse if we don't sound the alarm and turn things around; and you are a writer, you may be the person I am looking for. . If not you, maybe someone you know might be interested, let me know,

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