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Seeing Redd: Looking Glass Wars

Overall Rating: Surely didn’t live up to the originals like I hoped it would.

Okay new and unusual fantasies are hard to come by. There was the Golden Compass in 1995. There was Harry Potter around 2000. And this is the new competitor. In 2007 a book came out called the Looking Glass Wars and this is it’s follow up.

Part 2 is called Seeing Redd referring to the return of Redd Heart who was thrown into the heart crystal at the end of part one. And in case you didn’t know, the Looking Glass Wars is a epic reinvention of the Alice In Wonderland story.

So it picks up where Alyss is now queen and the book focuses on her trying to juggle all the responsibilities rather than being action oriented. This book is a lot more political than anything else. The king Arch from the Outlands is trying to take over wonderland. Hatter finds that he has a daughter and that his only true love is still alive. He falls into a blackmail trap to betray the queen. Dodge and Alyss’s relationship finally become a love story. Jack of Diamonds escapes the mines and double crosses every person in this novel. The king and Queen of Diamonds are manipulated and framed. Redd crawls out of the painting in our world and recruit’s a army and once in wonderland she makes and treaty with Arch and they start double crossing each other.

So now you're wondering, what the hell is going on? Good question. This story is so convoluted that you wonder if anything is going to happen. It surely doesn’t live up to the original as like I hoped that it would. It was sort of loss it’s own charm, but it’s not hard to feel for the characters, and I think it is the characters that made this book readable.

So this is descent. I recommend it if your obsessed with the first book, grab this one. But if can be skipped by the common person sadly. I really wished that I could give it four smoothies, but it only got two.

Two Smoothies out of four.

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