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                The greatest thing about my snobbishness is that I’ve always been really real! And my modesty has always overwhelmed almost everyone! And if you thought it was time for me to make personal statements, your wish has been granted. And wherever I’ve been, and whatever I’ve done, has always, in my mind at least, been for the hopeful good of mankind.  

                But chaos usually follows one wherever one goes, and in whatever one does. Still, in regard to literary composition, the one thing that’s nice about not knowing exactly what you wish to write before you begin writing it, is that you don’t know exactly what you’ll end up with after you finish writing it. Yet, I suppose you might ask then “Well, how will one know when one has really finished writing any certain disclosure?” And I believe the answer to that question is:  “If you really belong in literature, you’ll be able to discern why any certain project needed to be begun, and when it needed to end.”

So, let’s further this exercise in non-repentance by acknowledging the abiding relevance of two questions.  First, did all you accomplished in your life ultimately serve to aid or thwart humanity’s well-being? And second, were you always careful of what you wished for, lest it happened in reality? And most would quickly say that of course not all they’ve done has helped mankind, but then maybe they didn’t consider that by doing many of those things, meaning I’d guess, mostly actions taken by mortals as entertainment or diversion from routine, they may have reinvigorated themselves so that they then might have been able to do constructive deeds. And, as concerns the second question; I think we’ve all learned it’s true. If only we’d known what we were really wishing for, perhaps we wouldn’t have desired it.

And, I believe such is the case here. Some have apparently complained about, and wished this writer to emerge from the numerous pseudonyms he’s used in various written pieces.  But will R.F. Husnik ever emerge into the limelight of written words minus a false moniker? I think he just has. So let’s hope it was for the best.

And thus, a mind that’s skeptical, questioning, and always tending toward paranoia has spoken today. And, apparently it’s unrepentant still. And also it’s evidently still arrogant and sarcastic. But what’s probably more troubling, is that it seems to have never learned that keeping one’s shirt inside one’s trousers is of more importance to mankind than that anyone might ever show a real emotion.

But lest fear grip one too much, remember, literary gods still watch over humanity. And they protect all individual members of humanity from such writers who may have been deemed outcasts. And such gods are powerful! They can censor, edit, or refuse to publish the words of nonconformists. Also, if all else fails, they can simply undo the capability of undesirables from publishing on blogs, posts, and in all other types of written media. And yes, maybe one day the controversial writer wrote some words on someone’s page, but then the next day he was gone, in a fashion similar I suppose as when an umpire ridded himself and all fans of an undesirable batter by calling pitches thrown to him as strikes, when obviously they were out of the strike zone.  

And this particular discourse has not ended here. Watch for a second installment of it in roughly two weeks.     

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