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I just wanted to share a letter I recieved from one of my readers I met over the weekend at a book sale.

Good day, Ms. Stephens! I'm sure you don't remember me, but I met you over the weekend at your book signing.  I just wanted to say that I finished both books that I bought from you.  A very, very good read and VERY sexy!!  I was pleasantly surprised.  I do look forward to the next books! I would like to make a suggestion if I could, however.  When reading about the shapeshifting characters, I found myself wanting to know more about them.  I would love it if they could be developed more - they and their rituals.  I found the mating rituals intersting (and quite frankly - sexy as hell!) but I found that I wanted to know more about the packs, the different characters and so forth.  The fact that the full moon signals intense appetites within the pack for example.  I would love for you to expand on that.  What other tasty tidbits could one expect? I am SO looking forward to your next works. I have always been a vampire fan, but I think you've won me over to the shapeshifting side!!  Keep up the good work and let me know how to get ahold of other works!! Thanks for the hot read! Teresa

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