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You may recognize Ms. Khanian from the "One" series. Her story is going to debut this month and it is worth considerably more than the 99 Cent cost.

Well, 30.5 is the reason I wanted her to be a part of the "One" series.

30.5 is a collection of 31 reflectional fiction stories influenced by the author’s vaguest view point of the universe and her autobiography.

It is much more than a collection. Each story is, in a way, a message to the author from a previous version of herself. 30.5 is philosophical and emotional. Many of the stories are very personal and the author exposes her inner being and deepest thoughts.

The real beauty of this collection is in the author's prose. Khanian has a gifted style of writing that reaches out from the page and gently wraps the words around the reader, holding the reader in her embrace, sharing the intimacy of her thoughts. There are some intentional twists of the grammar and some unique word choice. With that in mind, it is more like reading lyrics to a song.

Some of the stories spoke to me more than others. Some pulled at my heart strings. Some completely blew my mind. 

Surely I won't be able to do it justice, but here are a few stories that stood out for me:

"Lampoon" - evoked thoughts of self-perception and our place in the world through the eyes of a bug.

"Aegis" - the story of a mermaid longing for a different life.

"Virtuoso" - perhaps the story that spoke to me most. The author speaks of limiting ourselves only to be overshadowed by our dreams.

These are only three of the thirty-one stories in this collection. In the author's own words, there is something for everyone. Pegasus, roses, mermaids, Persians, angles, lonely hearts and wise elders. 

Aside from the beautiful words, the author has adorned the pages with her own artwork as well. Full color paintings and illustrations that vibrate with emotion.

30.5 is not a book for a quick read. It is a study, a thought-provoking journey. Take your time with this one and absorb everything it has to offer.

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