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No, it's not a delicious frozen treat for when you settle in with a good book.

I'm talking about Giovanni Gelati. Maybe you've heard of him? Trestle Press front man, anchor of the Author's Lab collaboration series, social media and internet marketing whiz. I wrote "A Prince in Trenton, Seriously?" with the guy. Yeah, that's him.

He has also started a series on his own about...............Bocce?

It actually sounds fun and could easily be played in the backyard, the community park, the beach, or most anywhere.

Gelati (the man, not the ice cream) has taken Bocce to the next level. He has created larger than life characters and thrust them into outrageous situations. In "I Have Chrome Balls, Don't You?", he introduces us to two members his team: Giovanni "The G-Man" Gelati and Dan "Big Balls" Cannoli (he gets his name due to the maximum size of his regulation Bocce equipment). The two friends are pitted in a duel against each other to determine the greatest Bocce player in the world.

In "Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire", things go global. Giovanni and Dan are whisked away to an international tournament in Djibouti of all places. There, they face off against the Chinese and Russian teams. Things quickly escalate into an outlandish competition, and of course, flaming Bocce balls.

I love that the outcome of these stories is a foregone conclusion. The G-Man is always the unquestionable winner. Like all good stories, you know the "good guy" is going to win, but you relish seeing how it goes down. The humor is sharp and the puns are thick.

I look forward to the next adventure, which will be part of Trestle's Harbinger of Horror Halloween Month: "Holy Chrome Bocce Ball Beach Bloodbath - A Zombedy"

Oh yes, if you buy either of these (or any of my Trestle Press stories), Trestle is currently offering a Buy One Get One deal. Be sure to email me your proof of purchase ( and I will get you a FREE story!

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