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They! Reviews:




               I was fortunate to be one of a handful of people to receive an early electronic copy of Chuck's "They!"

               Wow! This is a fantastic story filled with excitement and romance. It's somewhat based on the premise of one of my favorite 1950's classic science fiction movies, "Them!" However, "They!" far exceeds "Them!" by offering an entirely different modern-day story filled with action, romance, mystery, creature horror, and plenty of comedy. Katie Morganson and Cart Carson are the main characters, and I guarantee everyone will immensely enjoy them. The women readers will fall in love with Cart, and I don't think the beautiful image and personality of Katie will ever escape my male mind. 

               The backdrop for "They!" is East Texas, including the Dallas area, and one of the many intriguing aspects of the story is Reagan's Basement. I can't explain anymore about Reagan's Basement without spoiling your reading adventure. "They!" is a-must read novel, and I know it will become a bestseller and a cult classic.




        THEY! Is an absolute winner! I can see a cult forming for more of Chuck Keyes work. I loved the Apollo trilogy series, but this story grabbed me immediately. I never cared or could find a good Sci-Fi book that got to me before I started reading The Chucks novels. I want to be entertained when I read. I want to picture all the characters, scenes and the spooky subjects after them in my mind, as if I'm watching a movie. No problem with this story! Every character is wonderful! Cart and Katie are a funny, staunch, sexy couple in complete control of the situation. No matter what is dealt to them, they are older than their years, especially when they find horrific ants that can break a person in pieces with one thrust. I was at the end of my chair, and anxiously could not find a place in the chapters to put the story down. The action kept coming and coming and I just wanted to know more. Her age is a big question for the police, and you'll be surprised at the how and why she is whom they say she is. All the characters are crisp (chewy crispy!) and personable especially Kate's parents, her uncle the sheriff, and crazy as a bat granny. Wait until you explore The Basement with blood thirsty giant ants which know before you know how to decipher the halls! I will never enter Walmart again in the candy aisles, or gas up my car, and not think of this story! An extremely fun and exciting read! More, Mr. Keyes, More!




       They! Is a reading masterpiece containing adventure, mystery, excitement, comedy, zesty romance, and creature horror. I promise you, this eBook will exceedingly capture your interest and you'll have trouble putting it down. They!, to some degree, is related to the classic 1954 science fiction movie, Them! Although this new astounding creature feature story is entirely different, and it's a hundred times better. In the near future, if this fantastic novel were to become a movie, the thrilling special effects would make it a perfect up to date remake. I recommend (They!) for everyone who's looking for an incredible read. All the characters are extremely enjoyable, especially Katie Ann Morganson and Cart Carson, who fall into a bizarre love affair while leading the secret battle to save humanity from a growing horde of alien altered fire ants.





A great read!

         I just started reading this book and can't put it down. Would say more but I don't want to waste any more time and get back to reading this book THEY!




THEY! Should be in the movies! Exciting read!

            What a dynamic novel! So exciting, funny, sexy, and full of suspense and adventure. The two main characters, Cart and Katie are awesome and you find yourself rooting for them. I hated those terrifying ants as much as they did! I read this novel twice it was so good. Now I'd love to see it in a movie that would be worth going to the movies over! To see those giant ants coming at you, crunching on your bones scaring the be-jeepers will definitely have your popcorn in someone else's lap. Scary and sexy adventure, a must read of a fifties type movie made into 21st century characters, problems and adventure that no can of Raid is going to exterminate! More Mr. Keyes that was exciting. See you at the movies, I hope. Come on Hollywood this is good!




I love this book!

        THEY is a wonderful book, it will scare you and make you laugh. You will never look at a fire ant the same way.



        Wow! I finished reading They!, and it was one of the best sci-fi monster stories I've read. All the characters are fantastic, especially Katie and Cart. One minute I'm terrified, and the next minute I'm laughing. The deep love between Katie and Cart is very unusual, and you're going to be saying this isn't right. I recommend They! for everyone who enjoys reading a great novel that might someday become a movie, like the 1950's sci-fi movie it's related to, Them! They! is a gem filled with love, imagination, horror, mystery,  comedy, action, and much more stuff, so even if you're not a sci-fi fan, you'll enjoy this new exciting novel from Chuck Keyes



Product Description:


      They! …is a riveting fiction novel that's somewhat based on the famous 1950's classic sci-fi creature movie, 'Them!' …thus bringing this captivating and thrilling motion picture story concept into the twenty first century.

      You'll meet, Katie Ann Morganson, a very extraordinary teenager who's a champion sharpshooter. She's like Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, and Cinderella combined within one gorgeous blond haired package. Katie's thrilling escapades will captivate your mind, and the terror within each adventure will drill deep into your brain with chills and thrills.

      You'll also meet, Cart Carson, an entomologist who's working as a Texas County Deputy to please his father. Cart falls madly in love with Katie, but what he doesn't know is how young her number ten virgin body really is. Throughout the story, there are many interesting characters that'll spark every emotion you possess within your essence.

     They! …is brimming with adventure, mystery, erotic romance, horror, comedy, action, and drama, creating a superb sci-fi novel for every adult to enjoy!

     Pray they do not find you, because their excruciating sting will be your last horrific living experience.





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