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Ecclesiastes 3:15 "That which is has been already; that which shall be is nothing new." This verse of Scripture explains what has taken science by storm with the discovery of quantum physics.
Science has discovered that all things, including solid objects, are made up of particles of light known as photons. These particles of light are perplexing to science due to the fact that they cannot be measured accurately.

If science measures the speed of a photon, it cannot pinpoint its location. If they measure its location, they cannot ascertain a photon's speed. Furthermore, they have determined the root cause of this dilemma is that photons have no mass.
Since all things are made up of photons, creation does not exist if we continue with this line of reasoning since photons themselves have no mass and therefore cannot exist according to sound thinking.
Yet science has also discovered that if they view the photon makeup of vegetation, the one side of its makeup or DNA of its photons appear to be shorter on one side than on the other.
This also causes perplexity and adds to their dilemma. This however has a very simple explanation if they are willing to receive it.

The reason they find this strange DNA of Photons in living things, is because they are viewing a very basic truth of creation.
For if we look at the above verse of Scripture, we find that God has declared to us that all things which we are observing have already existed or passed by. This tells us that what we are actually viewing is only the memory of what has already passed by.
Another Scripture which falls in line with this thinking is; "For God seeketh that which has passed by." This clearly telling us that God is viewing those things that have already occurred.
What science is seeing then when they view the right and left side of vegetation which hold the same DNA of quantum physics for a given plant, is the long and short of its life.
The best explanation would be like when one views yesterday's activities. One can recall yesterday within a few minutes time, and yet yesterday took 24 hours to complete. So then, the shorter side of the DNA would be the memory of the longer side's actual lifetime.
Photons then, would be the memory of what has already passed by. In other words, our lives may actually have taken billions of years to live, but the memory of our lives would take but a few seconds by comparison to review.
Photons then would be the equivalent of our memory which although speaks of truths of things which have occurred in the past, would have no mass in and of themselves.
One can do experiment after experiment on one's own memories, and will never be able to prove their existence except through one's own mind. This because the substance of them has already long ago dissapated.
One can remember that which has happened yesterday, and yet cannot touch, taste, hear, see, or smell it physically. It can only be viewed as a memory. this is what science is calling quantum physics.
They are discovering that all that we call existence is but a memory of what has already passed by. I hope this clears up quantum physics for you. You may, or may not agree, but I think Scripture backs up my statements.
God bless you, the reader.
Jesus Villalobos

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