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Publishing a novel for the first time has been exciting and scary for me. It generates pride while at the same time it spits out gobs of self-doubt. When friends pull out pictures of their kids, I pull out a copy of my latest book promotion. Someone says, “You wrote a book! How cool!” but the minute I come down off the accolade high, I wonder if a little plastic surgery is in order to fix that nose of mine. It sure does show up big on my book’s author photo.


Hell’s bells! Publishing a debut novel is a hoot. It’s just an anxious one.


At least, with Curse Me Not, my debut novel, I can sincerely report I enjoyed the hell out of writing it. My heroine, Elzetta Swan, is someone I’d hang out with any time and I admire her for taking on a total life makeover when she comes into her rare but lucrative gift—the ability to lift revenge curses from people’s auras. She may be a Southern unsophisticate but she has the right attitude. Her new vocation as a “bodywasher” means she has to deal with people who usually deserve the curses put on them, but so what. As the story opens, Elzetta is about to finish her first year as a licensed bodywasher with a trendy new lifestyle and a countrified inner child that’s skipping all the way to the bank.

I hope my fellow authors might join Elzetta on this, her first foray into the darker side of what it means to be preternaturally gifted. In Curse Me Not, Elzetta faces a duo’s serial hunger for revenge that not only threatens her new life and the hallelujah hankering she’s formed for her reluctant urban white knight. It could create in Elzetta a vengeful rage all her own.

As for me, I'll either have a stroke trying to market the book, or maybe I'll just start on book #2!

[, Publisher: Champagne Books, Released: December 2014, 280 pages, ISBN: 9781771551243, ASIN: B00PKLJF9Q]

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