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Life is numerous and diverse by different philosophers.

Nothing is better over anything in this earth is called reality of relativity by personality differs.

A beautiful and loving mind sees life as beautifully and positively all life as happiness and successful matters.

Whereas an ugly and hateful mind sees life as evils objectives to ruin & undone environs and people to enormous suffers.

 A poet or author loves to sees life as rhythmic and rhyming of his/her poems as well as poetic feelings and themed structures.

But a short story writer fond of life pattern as depth theme and about ending like his/her story incomplete to readers as what next and expecting more chapters.

A scientist & researcher see life’s all activities and social behavior as data or resources like his/her scientific affairs.

All hopeless & distressed people don’t find anything meaningful in life purpose rather value less for live long time ever.

For a challenger, life is struggle and effortful with an excitement to over come all barriers and obstacles by don’t care.

Teachers love to see life structures to be complying all formal recommendation as their teaching and text book, saying book is the best teacher.

A sociologist and social scientist believe life should be entitled by all human fundamental rights and freedom forever.

A communist philosophy about life pattern should be not belongs to me but we are our by a collectivism manner.

All Theologians strongly encourage life should be conformed by all religious activities accordingly their holy books code and conducts otherwise each and every one could be sinner.

An atheist, life is regardless any religion and don’t believe in God or Almighty Allah or any Assayer.

A Naturalist believes all life purposes and objectives should be related to natural environs and survives with natural environments instead live in an artificial shelter.

A professional prostitute finds everything happy in her life by all erotic and sexual orientation by means of earning money and dollar.

For a millionaire or billionaire life is only for earning money as much as possible regardless love, affection, and social solidarity but by means of unrest life journey adopter.

A great man interprets life meaning as all their efforts and sacrifice not for themselves but for mankind happiness and welfare.

But a selfish individual centered to intra personal by thinking, enjoying, surviving, earning, and consume everything only himself/herself not for other.

A brute person’s life philosophy and action plan to behave like a yahoo by forgetting he/she is mammals for his brutality and cruelty behavior.

A hypocrite loves to enjoy life and be famous by his flattery, deceits, and false playing with people to convince and hopeful to him/her over comer.

For a communal person, life should be entitled and privileged to classify by various global social structure to exists, inequity, race, discrimination, and oppression as an oppressor.

Responsible parents thoughts of life to sacrifice and afford all privileges or opportunities for their sons and daughters to be delighted with a happier future.

To the writer of poem’s life should be based on humanity, mutual feelings & co-operation, and honest wishes of happy life for family, friends, relatives, neighborhoods and all helpless people and sufferer.








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