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Though I have watched the movie, "One Night With The King" many times, it never gets old.  This movie portrays the life of the young Jewish girl, Hadassah.  Due to circumstances beyond her control she was selected to become Esther, the Queen of Persia.

The full account can be read in the Book of Esther in the Bible.  This story reminds me of us, yes; you and me.  There are situations in our lives that we did not sign up for.  The passage through menopause is a perfect example.  This is one expedition we would have skipped if given the chance.



Menopause is the permanent end of menstruation and fertility.  Menopause can happen in your 40s or 50s, but the average age is 51 in the United States.  It is a natural biological process. Although it ends fertility, you can stay healthy, vital and sexual. Some women feel relieved because they no longer need to worry about pregnancy.

But for many menopause has thrown them into a tail spin.  Countless women are suffering in silence, feeling isolated and powerless.  Menopause has been physically and emotionally draining for them.  Its symptoms may disrupt sleep, cause hot flashes, lower energy or — for some women — trigger anxiety or feelings of sadness and loss.

I noticed that before Esther became queen, she went through a period of preparation.  Esther 2:12, calls it days of her purification.

Preparation is defined as the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion.

We are being refined and being made ready for use for what is ahead in the next chapter in our lives.  This is a time of cleansing and fine-tuning.


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Read her story in the Bible and you’ll see that Esther went through twelve months of conditioning.  She went through six months of oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odors and with other things for the purifying of the women.

Hmm, funny, menopause is not officially diagnosed or defined; until one’s menstruation cycle has ceased for a consecutive twelve months after the last menstrual period.

While I can only imagine what was going through Esther’s mind during those twelve months, one thing stuck out, she did not give up and neither should we.   No, menopause is not something that will go away overnight, but keep in mind that it is neither a disease nor a lifetime sentence.

I have experienced several of the over twenty symptoms associated with menopause.  Like Esther I have learned the necessity of pausing with God.  It is here that she received instructions to carry on with what was an impossible task.

The journey through menopause summons things from the deep within us and if we are not careful, they can overwhelm us. I have found that as I follow Esther’s example and spend time The King, it really does change everything.  I become more aware of what is going on with my mind, body and soul.  I am more sensitive to how I act and react.  I am learning how to eat better and to exercise at least three times a week.  There is one feat I have still not mastered; trying to get in the bed before midnight.

I understand first hand that this journey challenges us, but I also know that we can grow through it and not make it our permanent address. Though it is a is a season of renewal, one that will prune but also perfect us.  Within you is the courage of a queen, you have what it takes to journey through your season of menopause with victory.  


My sister~friend Anita Harris says it best, “Never to forget to ‘Take time to Pause.’  No, not the “pause” of menopause; the” pause” during menopause.  This “pause” reminds us to STOP and take time for ourselves.”


Menopause Statistics (bear in mind these reported in 2010, so the numbers have increased dramatically)

45.6 million: Total number of menopausal and post-menopausal women in the United States.

162.9 million: Total U.S. female population.

28%: Approximate amount of U.S. women who have reached menopause.

39.9 million: Post-menopausal women age 51 or older.

3.1 million: Post-menopausal women between 40 and 50.

500,000: Women who have experienced premature natural menopause

2 million: Women who have undergone surgery or another medical procedure leading to menopause



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