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I had a baby on August 12,2013. It was a blessing just to have her in my arms and share her with my family. When I first saw her, she was so small. She is growing more every day now. Melanie is one amazing baby. she makes me smile knowing she is what God made out of me and my husband Gordon. We are so blessed to have her in our life. She is our miracle baby we never thought we would have. When I was first born, The doctors thought I would not walk, talk or even read. I was born with a learning disability and I approve the doctors wrong. I always wanted to have a baby but didn't have the right man to share that with. its amazing just watching her grow up so much. She is 9 months now, she is just starting to standing on her own now. I am so thankful for God blessing me with a wonderful loving baby, a great man who loves me for who I am, being a mother and also being a author is all my dreams come true finally this whole year. My life is complete with everything I needed in my life. Life cant get any better than this. Melanie rose is a very active baby. She loves to watch her Disney junior all the time. I see her standing in her crib watching tv. Its so funny now, when she hears music, she starts to dance and she has some style like her mom. She is learning to play more by herself now.

I would love to share my books with you. My second memoir is going to be published next month Mid June. Its a story about my life and how I found the right man, having a wonderful baby with him and all the life experiences I had. My memoir is called Born Special. Look for me on Facebook, Rhea B Woodruff. My website for my books are My third memoir I will be working on will be about Melanie rose growing up. She is in my second memoir.

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