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Good Morning All!

   I have been really struggling over the last couple months (!) with a middle chapter of my book, which developed into one of the major turning points in the life of my main character (Version B of the main character, that is - remember it's a time travel novel based on reincarnation) I'm not exactly sure why it was so difficult to work through - but I'm 'through it' now, so huzzah!  


   I have 4 "completely-incomplete" chapters that are merely outlined to finish - plus I still have some clean-up and past tense vs. present tense and storyline reconciliation to do with a few others.  AND I committed to being finished with the entire First Draft by... (argh!!!!) the end of September.


   I did recently get some very good feedback from a friend of mine who's a Middle School Humanities teacher.  I think the best thing she had to convey was the fact that she normally _hates_ reading other friend's 'amateur fiction' - as she put it.  She said that kind of stuff normally just makes her want to 'cringe', which is why she usually doesn't agree to read her friends' attempts at fiction.  Lucky for me, I did not ask her to read it; she actually volunteered after she heard me expressing my frustrations over trying to complete this last chapter, (Chapter Title: King's Mann) Not only did she like it, she wants to read more(!) and she had some solid and constructive feedback which I was able to incorporate almost immediately.  I also think her feedback is something I will be able to keep in mind as I move forward with the rest of the book.


   I definitely hope to be checking in much more frequently now that I am presumably on the home-stretch. 

 All right.  Here I am taking a deep breath and plunging in to move forward again and get it done.

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