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It was not my intention to write this book. However, a few people pressed me to do another and it was only a case of writing down what was already in my head. The theme for the first volume was ‘BANG’ but try as I might I struggled to find a short, snappy and apposite theme for the new volume. You might notice that the cover includes the Mocking Bird and its symbolic device, both of which signify ‘rebellion’. I had considered ‘Rebel without a Pause’ but there were times when I did pause, when I did conform as a matter of expediency. In the end, I have settled for RIOT instead of rebellion or insurrection, perhaps because I have a penchant for four-letter words. More likely because in some previous life I was hung, drawn and quartered so I have revelled in the opportunity to make a stand against authority without my guts ending up as garters. In truth, it is not full-on riot, but a kick against authority and those that would enforce petty rules and restrictions. Put simply, ‘doing what many people would be afraid to do and to hell with the consequences.’

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