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My name is Big Daddy Frank Founder and DJ of the Old School American Network on
Blog Talk Radio Live Blog Talk Radio is
the best and largest radio forum for the internet in the world. I love to interview
on my radio show new upcoming authors. If anyone is interested in an interview
about their book please email me at
The show airs live Fridays at 1 pm to 4pm EST and they shows are archived. I also
will do Cinch & Skype Broadcasts. I interview authors, illustrators, speakers,
individuals, and more. I do news stories weekly with my political patriotic spin
added. Check out my home web site at to check out
my radio, book, and music pages.

I am new to writing. I am working on three different books to publish in future.
#1 “
Combat Chef: Cooking in the war zone”, #2 “
I am drowning in a
pleasure called
FOOD!”, and #3 “Workers Rights: Where Have They Gone?”

I really need help through the whole writing ad publishing process. Through a good
friend I was offered a ghost writer to assist. I am going through a lot right now and
not ready to devote the time. Around Jan or Feb 2011, I will continue working on my
first book which is "Combat Chef". I would appreciate any help or advise from my new
friends here.

Please let me know if anyone is interested, and what your availability for Fridays
or another day if possible.
The interview is conducted via phone at 1-646-716-8282
on my listener’s line. Please send me your contact number and email them to discuss
it in more detail. Every show we give away 2 copies of a book to our listeners. I need
book summary and materials to advertising the show. Tell your fans, friends and family
to listen to you on, so they can join the live chat
room or call in about the book. If they are not members to blog talk radio; it is fast, free,
and easy to join. So get back with me so we can chat and sell some of your books!


Frank Nebolsky

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