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God still speaks to us.  Often it is a quiet whisper, a gentle nudge, a hunch we seem to have. As we look back at our journeys, we notice the places where the Lord has spoken to us, guiding us and encouraging us to press on.  Maybe we haven’t always listened to that “Still Small Voice,” but He has been there the whole time, speaking words of encouragement to our spirits. Inspired by the Lord to write this devotional during my prayer and meditation time; these words of encouragement will minister to the “weary warriors,” “those with broken spirits” who are seeking after God’s heart, and want to know Him in a more intimate way.

If your faith is dwindling, and sometimes you find it difficult to keep looking up, then you have found the right book. Shh!  God Is Trying To Tell You Something is filled with words from the Father’s heart that will encourage and comfort you as you battle through your valley days. “Shh! God Is Trying To Tell You Something” words of encouragement will minister to your spirit and give you the strength to press your way. If your spirit is restless, all you have to do is spend some time meditating in these pages, listening to His voice, and He will bring peace into your spirit. If you find yourself going through a valley season, stop right where you are and begin to praise the Lord, for the things He is doing in you that are yet to be revealed. The Lord loves you and He will be there to see you through your darkest hour. 

This devotional journal will help you build a closer relationship with the Lord. The words of encouragement are filled with compassion and love. They will remind us that the Lord is listening, and He cares about even our smallest need. The words will provide the strength, and comfort needed to enable you to stand and resist the attacks of the enemy. As you read through the daily words, take some time to meditate on what you’ve read, then listen carefully to what the  Holy  Spirit  shares  with  you.  Write down your thoughts, prayers,  or whatever impressions you receive from the Holy Spirit, so when it comes to pass you will remember the day the Lord spoke a word in your life. Use this devotional, not only as a source to receive a word from the Lord, but also as an instrument for you to talk with the Lord regarding what you’re going through each day.

Come, spend some time meditating with the Father, and allow Him to rekindle your peace and joy. He is waiting to talk with you. Say, speak Lord, your servant is listening. And when you do, you will hear what He has been trying to tell you.





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