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hello hello.
not sure what to do here, i thought i'd exercise the blog feature, and use it to explain my pressence here, to both myself, to set a few things straight in my mind, and to any others who care to read it also.
i'll probably look at it later, feel foolish, edit and/or delete it.

i've always liked to create stories, since i was small. for a long time, it manifested purely as drawing, but as i grew older, i began to write and it slowly caught up. it was unexpected for me as in the past, i was rubbish at it. but, funnily enough, it grew out of unexpected places. as a child i played pokemon on my gameboy and that taght me to read. a few years later, i took on the then gargantuan task of reading a harry potter book. took me weeks, but thereafter, i was open to reading. a few more years later, i became addicted to a certain online game called runescape for a while, and i taught me to type at a reasonable speed.

out of these things, like a fungus, a liking for writing grew. it did not occur to me for a while to use it for my story making. as a child i made dodgily hand drawn comics and i imagined games and animated series. then, years later on the internet, i did the same things; for a while i played with a game making program and a game making website aptly named 'game maker', and i also spent a fair time hanging around a webcomic webstie called 'smackjeeves'. both are good, and a still visit them both from time to time, but i never actually made anything complete in the time i was there. no fault of those websites, it was more a mixture of procrastination and finicky perfectionism on my part that kept me from ever making any real progress.

gradually i sunk into the idea of writing the stories. the same procrastination, hesitation and perfectionism bogged me for a while. i did work on stories, mind you, but they mostly took the form of notes, dot point, character drawings and so on. stacks of pages unexpressed. But this year, 2010 i made a resolution to write one of them, and i am. i'm writing one and it feels good. i feel that if i can finish just this one, push my way to the end without giving up or getting side tracked, then i'll open a gate for myself and will be able to convert those aimless notes into the stories i want them to be.

this place looked like a nice place to plaster my efforts, perhaps get some feedback and meet a few people with similar interests.

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