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                                 DEAR STAR

My dear star

Today is going to be a bright time

brighter time than the electric stars that only shine at dusk

it feels that time when the sun obeys the moon and

shines making love to it the whole night making the

morning a little furthur

its that time that even the night fears to be dark

its that time when even nightmares fear to appear

its that time when love conquers and mornings are not desired

its that time when my dear star, love steals away that 

thing which we treasure most 

our hearts

Because of our hearts, our brains cease to function properly

because of our hearts, our brains stop thinking

because of our hearts,  our brains temporarily sleep 

because of our hearts, we are human

and because we are human, we have hearts 

and we love 

and we hate 

and because we love hate my dear star, 

just like the stars are bright at some nights

and not so bright at some nights,

our love, we hate and love  my dear star

which we treasure my dear star should be all full

of hate we love and love we hate.

my dear star

hate so much how you love me and i

will love so much how you hate me and the morning

will come a little later.


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