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An innocent boy who was prompt at all actions daring known to all but did love due to his talents.

Never stood in 2nd place instead of first place in most of his school exam results, over the time the boy became adult by achieving excellent high school final results.

All his family members became very happy and confirmed for his bright future.

Complied with family’s wills and demands the boy did get admission in the university to be an engineer.

After four & a half years the boy earned a degree honors bachelor. (Agri-engineer)

Unfortunately the boy earned another graduate degree (HRM) instead of graduate degree as engineer.

Due to this, many of his relatives and friends were, disappointed to his liking by made differ.

After a little waiting the boy did get a good job in a multi-national organization,

With a high salary & many facilities by relocating the country’s distance location.

The boy was preparing & planning to join with his satisfaction.

During his preparing & planning the boy fell into a love to a beautiful girl in their first impression emotionally.

The boy and his lover were very aggressive to get soon each other.

But most of boy’s family members imposed some drastic terms & conditions to marry her.

First condition, defined not to accompany her in the boy’s working place for at least one year.

The boy could not accept any terms and conditions their.

In turn, the boy got married her lover and was living somewhere to be happier.

After three & half years the boy’s families accept marriage their.

The boy could not realize that it was his families

A conspiracy matters.

The tricks and conspiracies were targeted to the boy’s wife to mentally torture her.

 It was adopted to take a revenge for fulfills mental satisfactions their.

They revenged to the boy’s wife in various unsocial action plans.

Inequity, discrimination, verbally abuse, and to look down upon were main used to actions.

The boy noticed and observed everything but could not do anything to defend for family’s tradition and bad reputations.

 After a long time deep thoughts, the boy decided to adopt Canada’s migrations.

All the boy’s patience and efforts were to have happy & peaceful lives as his visions.

 It is after eight years of migration the boy is writing his life miseries due to their final separations.

The main reason of their separation, the boy still not having any jobs to fulfills her higher demands and mental satisfactions.

So, now the boy is depressed enormous and unable to use his discretions.

Now, the boy needs some helps and constructive suggestions to get rid from these mental irritations.

The boy will be indebted and grateful if some one helps him from these harmful tensions.



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Comment by NURUZZAMAN SARDER on January 25, 2013 at 9:54pm

This writing is based on the Writer's true live history.


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