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This guy if a phenominal writer I’m telling you. I like to call my self a big crittic when it comes to horror novels! I really know what it takes
to scare the b-jesus out of someone. This book most definitly does!!

 It’s a story about a character  r name Dekalb . One month after a global disaster  Zombie epidemic had struck all over and there is only a pocket full of humans left. Dekalb happen to be not in the US but in Somalia . Now as a prisoner with a small child , a little girl that happens to be his daughter.

It also happens to be all he has left as far as family goes.The gloriuas free army of the Free Womans Republic leader is ill with aids and sends him on a mission to find her medication. The only place he can think to go , is N.Y ! We all know how huge the city is , I can only dream to imagine how many zombies are roaming around there.  This is how it's gotta go for this poor guy, he has to ge to the U.N Head quarters Building “The Secretariat building in NY, in America.  He has no choice on this or we wont get to see the only person who means everything , his daughter. He is then escorted on to a ship with guards that are mainly females. That are teens in catholic girl school uniforms with AK47′s hanging off there shoulders.

This book had me not wanting to ever place it down!! This author has other titles that I think are really worth getting in. Along with the sequels to Monster Island :


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