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New Year 2019.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn's Blog.

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'Bastet' Gayer- Anderson cat belongs to the British Museum in body, mind & spirit.




Wishing everyone in the community a wonderful New Year 2019!

Bastet- Cat of Horus.


Deep within the depth of the British Museum, not far from the remit of the Rosetta Stone, sits a cat titled 'Gayer-Anderson'.  There is no hyperbole attributable to her name, yet the merest existence of this statue is a minor miracle.  This esteemed cat is bronze, she has a pierced nose; she wears a silver inlaid sun disc of Horus, she is an Egyptian cat with a divine spiritual lineage.  Gayer-Anderson cat represents Bastet, Egyptian cat deity, (665BC- 330BC). 

See: Gayer- Anderson Cat British Museum


As I navigated through the galleries of the British Museum with my brother this holiday season, I sought out the Ancient Greece and Roman remains immortalised as treasures of 'man kind'.  I was still very exhausted from completing my recent Kindle text in homage to Jesus this Christmas.  The cruel political economy of the creative industries has led to unrequited effort with more labour than satisfaction involved in the acquisition of this book in December.  The work remains however, a total Labour of Love title marking the nascence of Humanitarian Healing webs. See:

'Lapis Lazuli- Resurrecting Christ's Gospel'.


Subsequently, my brother suggested a well pitched excursion to the British Museum in homage to Christ; his judgement is usually astute.  The glory of the Roman Empire is well encapsulated in the collections contained within Wolfson Gallery, upper floor Room 70.  The objects of desire for hungry eyes in these rooms depict the sophistication of Greek and Roman life, highlighting the human capacity to idealise both the material and spiritual wealth innate to the natural world.  It was not however, the Roman busts, pottery or hieroglyphs that melted our hearts...  It was naturally the Gayer- Anderson cat, God of the sun.  This cat reminds me ultimately of my own foreign black cat 'Toto' (totally black).  For two decades this cat thrived as an incarnate King in my home.  The life of Toto & the life of the real Gayer- Anderson cat are doubtless mutually aligned in spirit. The Gayer-Anderson cat like Toto has become internally damaged during the rigors of her lifetime, restored by the hand of loving grace...

Looking after Toto was a little more involved than looking after a bust! Throughout his life, Toto would wait in situ for the return of his master back to the hub of our home.  Everyday when my brother Derry greeted his little King, he would feed him and say,

"Toto- you are all that I know". x

Toto was kept alive for twenty years through the glory of loving gnosis- he intuitively knew that he was adored & admired in fact by all in the family.  During my many years living with Lupus disease, Derry has returned home on many occasions to help me.  Toto is no longer with us, yet his ashes are preserved in the cask of an Egyptian Mummy! At home his ashes sit opposite a fractal replica of the Bastet sun cat. His spirit is incredibly active indeed.  Toto represents all the good within the unity of brotherly love- the central message of my work on Jesus Christ.

Unbeknown to me, as I rested the next day following my trip to British Museum, my brother was busy at work once more.  He visited the Freud Museum.  I had mentioned to him my interest in this wonderful former home of the Freud family in London.  As a post-graduate of Goldsmiths I noticed that Freud museum have on occasion, collaborated with the university to realise a programme of diverse educational events. The Freud museum possesses has a distinctive history: -

The Freud museum was established in 1938 and contains an extensive library overshadowed by an original collection of antiquities.  The images Derry captured this Xmas portray the intimacy of the museum of Freud in London.  The parallels between Freud and the British Museum are unerring- Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Oriental artifacts line the walls of both quintessentially English institutions.  Yet, each museum remains original. I look forward to hopefully establishing professional connections with British Museum & Freud Museum in 2019 in support of my new

Humanitarian Healing webs & Culture webs...

Despite the many intellectual programme that characterising the educational outreach of the British Museum & Freud Museums alike, one essential element is lacking.  There is no incumbent cat in the house!

In 2019 to support the continuing fruition of my Transformative Spiritual Leadership book series, I will be producing a prose & image lead text on Oedipus- inspired by the latent spirits of Gayer- Anderson desert cat.  I need not give too much of the plot away; suffice to say, this cat has enjoyed a plurality of lives.  She has engaged with many Masters, each Master represents a protagonist within my Spiritual Leaders series.  The many secret lives of Oedipus are revealed on further analysis, when she is sent for therapy to the former home of Freud family.  The lives of Oedipus Rex cat reveal the transformative nature of the human experience at this time in history.  In 2018 we have enjoyed Anniversary of 100 Years since World War One Armistice.  2018 also represents 100 Years since women gain the vote. 

Spirit of Oedipus Rex- 'the trickster'.

Throughout her 9 lives she remains a chameleon - like a Greek deity,

she may manifest in pure form in male or female guise...


The incarnate soul of Oedipus penetrates the inception of the modern era itself- she has regained her gnosis, recovering memories that are immutable. This cat is proud of our human achievements on Earth.  She has overcome the fate of her namesake- 'Oedipus Rex' through much mentoring.

One of Oedipus' former Masters is Christ; her Pagan Master was Thor.  Oedipus is a confident cat, she is a 'purna-avatar'- a soul with a particular mission to fulfill.  With each incarnation, she offers love and joy to her Master: like all cats she adores the sun, she is as one with the world of super-conscious dreams.  Where Oedipus walks, she casts a shadow of her soul.  Oedipus may walk with the archetypes and angels, but she has a seminal defining feature.  She cannot see. 

Oedipus channels through the all, the 'Godhead archetype'.  She dreams through Gaia's collective unconscious archetypes of soul.  When Oedipus speaks, she is all that you know- mesmeric.  In 2019, author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn will write for Oedipus, to tell of the story of human kind's spiritual genealogy.

Transformative Spiritual Leadership series explores humanity's changing relationship with divine spirit & Gaia.  At this time, humanity is experiencing an incremental metamorphosis.  Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn supports the fruition of 'H***-noeticus'- the new human.  This concept is simply based upon the concept of humans becoming more intuitive, emotionally reciprocal and intellectually honed.  In future, let these essential qualities not be attributable solely to the cat! 

Oedipus Rex & the Riddle of the Sphinx.

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Stephanie is author of the humanitarian-

Transformative Spiritual Leadership series.  Book One: -

'Lapis Lazuli- Resurrecting Christ's Gospel'.

*For more information on author & energy artist Stephanie Lynne,

see- Resume & C.V.:

Goldsmiths Alumni- 'Progressive Etudes'.


Special thanks

To my brother Derry Thorburn, for help & encouragement

throughout 2018, including the winter solstice. 

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