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“I never met my biological father,” Madison started, her eyes still closed, “but my Mom started seeing this John guy and he eventually moved in with us. He never married my Mom, so technically he isn’t my Dad, but the two of them were so madly in love with one another that I got in trouble when I called him by his name and not Dad…” she trailed off, inhaling and exhaling slowly. “After about a year and a half, they were fighting constantly, but neither of them tried to get the other out of the house. I was stuck listening to them swear and yell at each other every waking moment they spent together until one day John started bringing home other women.”
“He was having affairs?” Cindi asked.
Madison nodded her head, but kept her eyes closed still. “Everyday on his lunch break, he’d come home with a different girl and they’d lock themselves in the master bedroom and I’m sure you can guess what they did.” Cindi nodded her head, but didn’t say anything. “He threatened to do things to me if I ever told my Mom about what he had been doing and that’s why I’m afraid to see him again. He probably thinks I told my Mom and that’s how she found out about it.”
“How did she find out?” Cindi asked.
“I’m not entirely sure why she came home early that day, but for whatever reason she did, she caught him and the whore he was with and that was the last straw. She threw him out and that was the last I ever saw of him. Now that he wasn’t living with us anymore, my Mom and I moved closer to where she worked without telling John.”
“So why did you guys move back?” Cindi asked.
I never thought I’d be happy to be friends with Cindi. “She got transferred to a different branch and it was easier to go to and from work if we moved. Still having some friends here, this is where she decided to take us. I didn’t have a lot of friends before we moved and I didn’t make a lot after we moved, so I wasn’t really worried about where we moved to,” Madison answered.
“That’s terrible!” Cindi said as she wrapped her arms around Madison and hugged her tightly. “I wish my story was that sad,” she added with a sigh. “Nothing special ever happened to me. I was always given everything I wanted and never needed to worry about not having something.” Madison rolled her eyes. “Just because my parents are rich and get me everything I ask for, doesn’t mean I’m happy. My Father used to tell me ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness; it can only rent it for a short period of time.’ I didn’t believe that until I hit High School and everybody thought I was a stuck up b****. I realized then that money couldn’t buy me friends. A lot of people liked me and claimed to be my friends, but they were really only my friends because I had money.”
“So why do you dress like a slut?” Madison asked, turning her head to look at Cindi.
Cindi let one of her huffs escape her lips. “I don’t get any attention from my parents. My parents were always throwing parties and I was expected to wear nice clothing and hang out with a lot of rich snobs, so I never really learned how to act like a normal kid my age. I dress like this because I want people to pay attention to me,” Cindi answered.
“You realize that by dressing like a slut is only going to attract bad kind of attention,” Madison stated. “People will call you a slut and treat you like one, even if you aren’t actually one.”
“I know, but it was better than not getting any attention at all!” Cindi cried.
“I doubt being treated like a slut is better than not being treated like one. Why do you think Blaine barely pays attention to you?” Madison asked, but continued talking before Cindi got a chance to respond, “If you act more like yourself and not like this slut who desperately wants his attention, he’ll probably pay more attention to you.”
“You think so?”
“Just try.”

Ok I've had this typed up and done for a while now, I just never got around to putting it up. I've unfortunately not done a lot of writing between my last post and this one, but I have a good feeling about next week. Here's hoping that I can get a move on. And as always, I appreciate any and all feedback and/or criticism.

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