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Name:  Naoki Kobayashi
Age: 22
Birthday:  January 5
Occupation: Assassin/Spy
Eye Color: black
Hair Color/Style: spiky black hair with blonde highlights
Physical Structure: lean muscular with six pack
Height: 5’5
Weight: 148 Lbs.
Marks: None
Race: Japanese
Style: Dark Clothing
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Gift: Sight: The ability to see the inner workers of a person or thing including its past.

Who he is:
Naoki Kobayashi is the main character of the Instinct Series. He dreams to become a police officer just like his father was. He has a strong sense of justice getting himself involve in situations that don't concern him that get him in trouble with the police.

He has an arrogant side that he really only shows to his friends and girlfriend; however, still has a good heart and doesn't want to kill anyone. Though Naoki can see through anything even lies he is very trusting which allows women to take advantage of him.

To find out more about this police wanna-be turn spy read: InstinctandGift out now.

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