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 "Magna Carta:  Eternal Covenant of Bliss"-
Resume: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.
The Immutable Rosetta Stone.
Part One.
June 2017 blog is dedicated to exploration of my nascent work, in homage to guru Paramhansa Yogananda's immutable legacy. 
'Magna Carta Healing' demonstrably rekindles Yogananda's quintessence via effecting a form of sacred union with the eternal covenant of Magna Carta! 
Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn explores the legacy of 'Magna Carta Healing' in words & Kirlian images.
The Magna Carta is a protagonist, a pivotal legal document enshrined deep within the lineage of British Feudal history, forming ethical substance for international precedents including Universal Declaration of Human Rights & US Bill of Rights. The timeless currency of egalitarian oratory scribed within, protects, nurtures and galvanises libertarian freedom of the proletariat in face of autocratic rule. The original covenant has timeless vitality and remains resolute as a testament to humanity's juxtaposed mercurial nature, appeasing materialist values with fraternal ethics.
New Kindle Text:
Magna Carta- Appeasing Humanity.

"Magna Carta Healing" is an entirely immersive new healing discipline- inspired by the uniting of Eastern and Western compassionate traditions. This introductory volume of work immerses the reader within the sanctum of a modern, yet ancient form of Gestalt healing, charismatically resonant with the lost art of spiritual diplomacy.
Homage to Paramhansa Yogananda's Eternal Quest

From Abraham Lincoln to Brecht- guru Paramhansa Yogananda's life & loves are likened to the penchants and traits of archetypal egalitarian creative greats. This preview Practitioner Companion Guide offers a humanitarian overview of the nascent art of Kriya Reiki healing forming the first segment of 'Kundalini Masters', Series One. The text is a visual pantheon. The work opens a Pandora's Box offering a paradox of crafted textual delights for the curious intellectual mind. Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has constructed a loving, sincere testimonial to the honourably democratic goals of Paramhansa Yogananda's own 'Self- Realisation Fellowship'.

Yogananda brought the ancient art of Kriya Yoga to the West with the intent of inspiring humanity to pursue 'man's eternal quest' for liberation. Yogananda desired to empower human kind with direct scientific knowledge of divine communion with divinity. His tenured title, 'Paramhansa' is a demonstration of the respect he commanded as a seminal Swami or teacher. The ultimate mission of SRF is the complete emancipation of human consciousness & soul:  a practice that promises the Practitioner the experience of Karmic 'bliss'...  Kriya Reiki simply is 'Magna Carta' healing and forms an emerging discipline, allied to Yogananda's desire to enfranchise the proletariat with his own humanitarian spiritual leadership skills.

Yogananda's example as a spiritual orator is immensely relevant to the current modern spiritual, political and humanitarian crises facing humanity. Kriya arts are not merely ethereal, but open to all healers living in the modern cultural matrix. Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has reconstructed the 'AKASH' record of Yogananda's past lives within her work and posits within this text that Yogananda is in fact a direct embodiment or soul reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, sharing through his ethereal lineage a passion for human rights, promoting humanitarian soul sanctum.  In turn, Yogananda has produced much work, reconstructing Lincoln's past-life as a native Yogi.  "Magna Carta Healing" offers closure and clarification, deconstructing the legend of Paramhansa Yogananda's life history.
   New Kindle Work:  "Magna Carta Healing- Healing Sans Frontiers" celebrates Yogananda's seminal life journey with richly beautiful images, prose & poetic stanzas. The work is dedicated to Self- Realisation Fellowship and The Fellowship of St. Alban, (Sobornost).
Updated- Summer 2017:  "Magna Carta Healing:  Healing Sans Frontiers".
See:  'Magna Carta Healing' via Kindle-  full link...
For more historical information on the British Magna Carta, please see the British Library archives: -
Magna Carta means 'The Great Charter'.
The original charter was passed in 1215 by King John.  The covenant marks the beginning of a new
form of egalitarian social governance, from sovereign autocracy to democracy, enshrining the
rights of the proletariat in face of austere governance!
Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn's Kindle page is complete with updated bio and a catalogue
of 'body, mind & spirit' publications via Labour of Love independent press:

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