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If you know the meaning of love

you are not likely to have many questions,

in the understanding of what love is,

you will never be worried and

if you have heard what love is all about

You would not fall in love

Because when falling in love

you are building a house

you will live in tomorrow.

When you say I love you,

know you are making and building

an emotional contract

that doesn’t have a witness.

When you say I love you,

you must know you are willing

to share with someone your inner part.

When you say I love you,

be willing to change to someone else’s personality.

When you say I love you,

know you are willing to live with two hearts

When you say I love you,

know you are willing to share

dreams, happiness, sadness, jokes and your future.

Love is a way to graduate in life

characterised by happiness,

sadness, pain, dreams and tears.

Love is a gift.

Love is you.

Feelings are not love,

because feelings are what grow

and things that grow have an end.

The heart is not where love resides,

because love comes from conscious being

where God intervenes.

Love is not a decision you take alone

because love is a decision that includes God.

Imagination is not love because

it’s something that doesn’t exist.

Build love, build yourself, be love

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