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jazz walked the streets, smiling at her peers. they were all angry. more then ever before.

she could see a group of boys carrying a bunch of weapons she's only ever seen in her dreams. she saw a bunch of girls with nails so long, they dragged along the ground, making sparks fly, all red.

she laughed out loud and many others joined her, making a type of music that no one wants to hear before they die. suddenly, someone came up beside her.

"Hello." he drawled.

his hair was a beautiful white, his eyes were pitch black, and he stood over her. he wore only jeans and sneakers. he was broad and muscle and buff. he had spike bat over his shoulder.

and beautiful.

"Hello." she said back, feeling to herself.

"I'm Jake."

"Jazz. it's beautiful tonight isn't it?"

he laughed looking around at the raged children of the night.

"It's lovely, actually. makes me feel good."

he looked her up and down.

"Where's ya weapon?"

Jazz shrugged.

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