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Human lives are not apart from a rhythmic music with 33 or 45 rpm velocity and an epical writing poem or poetry.

Because of rhythm less lives having no charming and all emotional dynamism to be integrated life spun beautifully.

Indeed, all earthly lives reach their destination likely a scientific mathematical progression to be consistent with logical and sequential combination.

That’s why try your best to do and perform everything by complying all disciplined accordingly for your successful lives journey both here and hereafter equally.

Significantly, your spiritual lives decency mutually dependant to your earthly lives all fruitful achievement and comprehensive quality.

Likely having your body organs are as, two hands & two legs with their respective ten digits variably without any disablement perfectly.

During thinking, try to think everything very thoughtfully by enormous absorbing to be lost in your subject matters creatively.

Without a deep concentration and meaningful observation you can’t be explored and analysis your problems definition or interpretation in order to achieve your vision.

Talk and speaks less but smartly by complying of low context cultural personality to be valued highly everywhere in globally.

Try not to talk like all high context cultural personalities talkative tendency those are like to talking too much unnecessary to be deviated from their impact point hopelessly.

If you are a member of collectivist cultural philosophy and got married recently, then perform all family duty & responsibilities manly, in turn it will bring you very near in your live integrating.

Pay attention to valued all value of relations for their respective honor and dignity that will honored you in your society and community more than equally you did previously.

Be a compassionate to your family, neighbors, and society to have a very good reputations and a man of strong social solidarity.

Go through all earthly difficulties to be overcome persistently likely all sad, sorrow, and miseries that will make you a painstaking personality.

Because your earthly live is not so smooth and a plain parallel line rather scattered by many complicated lines fibrously.

Be endurable, co operative, and friendly both your superior and subordinate in your working place to be reached hierarchy.

Mind that in family live you need carry out some essential behavioral norms obediently, as mutual respect & honor, a human keeper, and an equal donor.

Never boasting about your social status, fame, and power to see a preview of your falling status, power and fame in a little later that is coming up near future.

Never hurt anyone who is dependant to you and expects something helplessly for their needs and overcome from the stakes and its miseries.

Vitally never try to show someone inferior in the society to look down upon to others ridiculously that can boomerang to you once in your live sooner or lately.

Live are your all time continuous educations that you have to be learned and experienced all informal and non formal educations besides your formal educations as a complementary.

Your formal educations are your professional requirements for your subsistence earthly but all others informal and non formal educations and learning will integrate your knowledge & real educations to be coping in all environments successfully.



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